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Sackboy: A Big Adventure Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Sackboy: A Big Adventure Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Sackboy: A Big Adventure Cheat Codes

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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

The Collectabell Farming Guide:
Written by Chunky104

How to break the economy so you can buy Zom Zom's last few costumes
and emotes.

This guide contains unmarked spoilers for the end of the game; viewer
discretion is advised.

So you've destroyed the Topsy Turver and cleared the post-game, but you still
don't have enough Collectabells to buy the remaining items in Zom Zom's shop.
If this situation sounds familiar then you're not alone. Zom Zom's costumes
cost a lot of Collectabells, to the point where even a full second playthrough
on the same save file might not yield enough for the last few items.

At some point, you're going to have to grind Collectabells if you want everything
from Zom Zom's shop. Luckily you've stumbled upon this guide, which will show
you a few ways to do just that!

-=Method 1: Trial And Error=-
This first method was originally discovered by CookiestMonster, and it takes
advantage of the rewards given out by the Additional Trials. Once you get the
Knightly Energy in Ready Yeti Go, you'll unlock the Knitted Knight Trials. On
the menu where you select a trial to play, pressing one of the shoulder buttons
will bring up a set of Additional Trials; these were initially rolled out
through 2021 as part of a speedrunning competition on PlayStation 5, but are
now unlocked as soon as you gain access to this menu.

Unlike the normal Knitted Knight Trials from the base game, you don't get Dreamer
Orbs from these. Instead, you get Collectabells based on your time; a bronze
time gets you 50 bells, silver nets you 100, and gold awards 250, for a total of
400. You can do this trick with any of the five Additional Trials, but Pressed
For Time is the shortest, so that's what I'm going to use.

-=The Process=-
* Reach the end of your chosen trial. The faster you are, the better the payout.
* Once you reach the Scoreboard, wait until all of your Collectabells have been
* Immediately after you receive the last batch of Collectabells (indicated by
numbers appearing above Sackboy's head), pause the game and either hit Replay
or quit back to the Knitted Knight Trials menu.
* Rinse and repeat as needed.

What's happening is that the Scoreboard awards Collectabells as soon as they
appear on the screen, but your time isn't actually saved until the proper level
summary screen (the level badge on a coloured background) fades in. Under normal
circumstances, you're only supposed to unlock each Trial's rewards once; after
you get your first Gold time on any given Trial, you cannot earn the rewards
a second time. Reloading the level after we claim our Collectabells but before
our time is recorded interrupts the End-of-Level sequence, allowing us to farm
Collectabells indefinitely.

This is by far the fastest and most profitable method of farming Collectabells
on this guide, but you won't be able to do it if you've already gotten gold on
all the Additional Trials. In which case there are a couple more methods
available in the Centre of Craftworld.

-=Method 2: Sniper Go Splat=-
This next method is in Crate Expectations, the fifth level (or sixth, depending
on if you count both levels at the fork on the map) in the Centre of Craftworld.
This level contains Snipers that throw arrows Sackboy from a distance, but cower
in fear when approaching them. More importantly, they drop 3 Collectabells on
death, which is handy to know since they start to infinitely spawn on conveyor
belts part-way through the level.

In fact, the last section of the level has two conveyor belts, each spawning up
to three Snipers at a time. You can probably see where I'm going with this. Pick
either of the two conveyors and start killing the Snipers as they spawn; I
recommend jumping on their heads, as that kills them instantly. Unless you're
playing in co-op and you have a player on each conveyor, you will have to watch
out for the homing arrows coming from the Snipers on the opposite belt, but
they're pretty slow. Even if you do die, I wouldn't worry about getting a game
over, since the game starts spawning extra lives from breakable objects and
defeated enemies if your life count drops below the maximum.

This is probably the slowest method in this guide, and I'd only recommend it
in a scenario where you've already gotten gold on all the Additional Trials
and haven't defeated Vex yet. But there's a slightly faster method to be found
if you move past this level.

-=Method 3: Vextortion=-
* This last Collectabell farming trick is, appropriately, done in the final
level: Vexpiration Date.
* Before continuing, you'll want to turn on Infinite Lives
(Settings -> Controls -> Game Assists).

In-between the two phases of the final fight against Vex, there's a platforming
section that takes you through the Topsy Turver. In the bit where you're
platforming across wooden boxes floating on water, there's a group of four big
Collectabells (worth 10 each) on boxes that are quickly destroyed by Vex.
Normally this is a trap designed to catch greedy players, but if you're quick
enough you can collect the bells before the ground beneath them is destroyed.

If you then intentionally fall into the drink (or get crushed by one of Vex's
magic hands), all of the crates will respawn, as will the bells you just
collected. This is why I said to enable Infinite Lives before entering the
level, as otherwise you'd only be able to do this, at most, four times before
having to re-fight Vex. With Infinite Lives, you can keep grabbing the
Collectabells and respawning them as many times as you like.

I think this guide's very existence kind of goes to show that Zom Zom's
costumes and emotes are way too overpriced for how short this game is.
Hopefully, with this knowledge at your disposal you'll be able to even
out the economy a bit.

With that said, those are all of the tricks that I'm aware of for farming

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Updated: 2023.03.12

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