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Silent Sector Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Silent Sector Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Silent Sector Cheat Codes

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Silent Sector

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Written by Tovy

A basic guide for all Silent Sector players. In addition to explaining
the basics of gameplay, it contains lots of useful tips on how to play
this space action RPG!

-=First steps=-
When the game starts, you can choose one of the following strategies:

* Buy a ship with two weapon slots and buy a second weapon, then you can
try a more action-packed start and, for example, complete more action-
packed missions.
* Buy a mining device and start mining minerals. Sell them to get money
for the beginning. The alternative is to take a ship that has mining
equipment built into it.
* Avoid combat, taking quests like bring goods, where although enemies
may attack you, if you ship fast you will outrun them. Or buy and sell
* There's a quest after launch near Vega Station. If you help the pilot,
Jane, she'll give you a hook for it. You can use this hook to attract
enemy ships in combat. It's very effective, especially in fast-paced

Fast fights are difficult. Choose slow, the game is still fun (and maybe
even more fun :). You can do this in Options. You can also select different
controls there.

Apart from newly bought weapons (which you can sell for the same price)
and classic commodities, whose prices are set by the base, you can sell
other weapons and items for much less than their purchase price.

In commodity shops, items that are priced cheaper than the average price
of that commodity in the space are marked in green. Red prices are more
expensive. If you want to make a living as a trader, buy green, sell red.

There are several illegal commodities in the game. What's legal in one
faction may not be legal in another. If you try to sell an illegal
commodity, you may slightly lower your reputation. If you come across a
black market in the game (either randomly or in a permanent location),
you can sell anything there without penalty.

At the stations you can view the missions offered. They have different
levels of difficulty. The rewards are according to the difficulty. Some
them are bonus quests (they have a minimum requirement for the faction's
popularity level). These missions are slightly better paid.

Most quests are random. However, in each faction you can do special
missions of that faction. For these, as with bonus missions, you must
achieve a certain level of popularity with that faction.

The last group of missions are the main plot quests. These are given to
you by some of the inhabitants of the universe, or in the Rebel faction

If you take a mission from one faction that is directed against the other
faction, you will negatively affect your relationship with that faction.
So be careful not to destroy long-established relationships.

The main differences between ships are in their lives/hull, shields,
speed, amount of weapon and upgrades slots and the size of their storage

Some ships are made up of several parts. If you lose them in combat, it
can disable, for example, a weapon that has been placed in that part.

Usually the bigger the ship, the slower it is and vice versa.

Ships are repaired (including the lost parts) automatically at the docks.
Some upgrades such as repair drones are also used for repair.

Ships have different types of slots. Some for weapons, others for
upgrades. Large cruisers and frigates have extra slots for artillery
cannons. You can see the use of slots by the icons on both slots and

You can add various equipment to the upgrade slots. Some will enhance the
ship passively (for example, better plating or shield), others actively -
placing such a device in the slot will also give you an action that you
can trigger (especially in combat) using the 1-6 key (or the gamepad
alternative). These actions take a while to charge up.

-=Fighting and weapons=-
Shooting drains the ship's energy, which incidentally is also needed to
power the shields. Watch out for that!

In addition to standard shooting, alternate shooting uses more energy.
But it makes your shots bigger and stronger.

You place your weapons in three different slots for standard weapons
(ray guns, machine guns, lasers), rockets and artillery batteries.

Machine guns - send out a mechanical or energy projectile. Special
weapons can hit multiple ships.

Missiles - their detonation is terminated by an explosion that destroys
everything in the vicinity. Most missiles have an automatic guidance system,
others explode on impact or after a certain time. Some missiles can be shot
down, others cannot.

Artillery batteries - these are cannon batteries usually of three to four
cannons on each side of the ship. Therefore, usually only the largest ships
have them. They can fire large deadly salvos of conventional energy projectiles
or cruise missiles at once.

Special weapons are mines, which you can buy at a weapons shop and which you
can handily place in a sector before combat.

You can get Super Rockets for completing quests (or for a high price at the shop).
They have a devastating effect. However, they are limited in number and appear as
small rockets in the bottom right of the GUI.

At the bottom of the GUI, small crosses show signal beacons that you can use to
summon your allies into battle. You can earn these beacons by completing quests
(Friendly Support).

In order to mine asteroids, you need to buy a mining laser or a ship that has a
mining laser built into it. These are some of the ships of Independent Traders.
Then you just need to find an asteroid, of which there are plenty in the universes,
and mine.

Some asteroids contain precious metals. You can tell by their different colour.
The rarest is Eldorite. These asteroids are green.

Rarer metals are found in asteroid fields, usually around their centres.

Arriving at a friendly base will save the current game state. You can also save it
manually in the station menu.

If you want to try weapons, you can buy them and if you don't leave the sector,
you can sell them for the same price. Otherwise, they can only be sold for a
fraction of their price. There's also an option in Options to display 'Damage per
second' and then fly off to shoot some asteroids.

You can get various artifacts in the game. Some improve the ship's features,
others are just for fun. You can sell these or store them at your base. You can
buy your base from a real estate agency. The agency's location is near Vega

Contact the ships that fly by. Some of them will offer you a local map for a
fee, others will offer you a map of interesting places in space.

Officials at friendly stations can also inform you of places of interest.

There are all sorts of interesting places in the universes. Some repeatedly,
others only once. Some appear rarely and only with a certain level (after 10,
20 and 30).

If you want to make up with an enemy faction, you can do it in the Delta Sector.
Tom Smile has a special base there (Tom's faction conciliator).

Don't forget to use up your talent points. Use them to upgrade your abilities.

If you start a new game repeatedly, you can skip the long beginning of the game
in the menu.

If you find slaves (usually on pirate ships), you can free them.

Cubes - these are very dangerous visitors from deep space. They are very
resistant, you need to get a shield modulator to destroy them, so avoid them
at the beginning of the game.

This game makes fun of a lot of things, so I don't recommend taking it too
seriously. Just play and enjoy it!

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Updated: 2023.03.12

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