T-Minus 30 Cheat Codes

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T-Minus 30 Cheat Codes
Name of the file: T-Minus 30 Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

T-Minus 30 Cheat Codes

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T-Minus 30

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Achievement Guide:
Writen by Slackarse

T-Minus 30 is a city builder game where players must scavenge resources,
build infrastructure, and save as many people as you can in 30 minutes.
In this guide, we'll cover all achievements in the game and provide tips
for unlocking them.

-=General Tips=-
* Start small: At the beginning of the game, start with a small city and
focus on meeting the basic needs of your citizens. This will allow you
to get a handle on the game mechanics without getting overwhelmed.
* Balance your resources: Be sure to balance your use of resources carefully.
Use them efficiently and avoid wasting them as much as possible.
* Keep an eye on the clock: Keep an eye on the countdown clock in the game.
* Experiment: Don't be afraid to try new strategies and experiment with
different approaches. It may take a few tries to find the approach that
works best for you.
* Take breaks: Finally, remember to take breaks and step away from the game
from time to time. It's important to give your mind a rest and come back
to the game refreshed and ready to tackle new challenges.

Following the tutorial steps, then finishing out the timer will unlock the
following achievements:

* Sensible
* Rocket!
* Rocket Meister
* Blast Off!

You'll probably also get Rescuer and Carbon Capture before the timer is finished.

------ Part 1 -------
* Start the tutorial level.

This achievement is easy to unlock. Simply Play and start the tutorial level
"The Fanciest Tutorial" to get it.

* Build a Basic Rocket.
To unlock this achievement, focus on gathering resourcves and constructing a
basic rocket.

-=Rocket Meister=-
* Build an Advanced Rocket.
Advanced rockets require more resources and a more complex setup. Make sure you
have enough resources and plan your layout carefully.

-=Blast Off!=-
* Complete the tutorial level.
Finish the tutorial level to get this achievement.
Tip: Follow the tutorial and make sure you understand the basics of the game.

* Save 25,000 people.
Focus on resource gathering, and building advanced/bio rockets early to save
25,000 people.

-=Carbon Capture=-
* Build an Air Filter.
To unlock this achievement, under the industry menu, build a Plastic Synthesizer
when you have enough resources.

------ Part 2 -------
* Save 100,000 people.
Keep expanding your city and building more rockets to save your population.

-=Green Finger=-
* Build a Renewable Forest.
To unlock this achievement, build a Renewable Forest to show your commitment to
sustainable living even in the face of mankind's imminent extinction.
Found under the agriculture build menu.

* Stockpile 10K stone.
Stone is a valuable resource in T-Minus 30. Build quarries to gather more stone
and stockpile it for future use. Keep hoarding them at the cost of your citizens
lives, until you have reached the 10K milestone.
Tip: You may need to put a pause on building rockets.

* Save 250,000 people.
Save 250,000 people by continuing to gather resources, and building advanced/bio

* Clear 5 Resource Caches in a level.
Resource caches can contain valuable resources that will help you build and expand
your city. Keep an eye out for them and clear them as soon as you can.
Clear five of them with the clear tool to get this achievement.

------ Part 3 -------
* Save 500,000 people.
Save 500,000 people by gathering resources and building so many rockets.
This achievement may take some time, but it's definitely doable with enough

* Generate a level.
Play, then click the "Generate Custom Map" button. The achievement will pop as
soon as you click Generate.

-=To the Stars!=-
* Earn 20 stars.
Earn stars by saving enough citizens to meet the star target. Hover over the
star targets at the top of the screen in each level for the specific targets.

* Complete every level.
As it says on the box, complete all the levels in the game to get this achievement.

-=Made of Stardust=-
* Earn 30 stars.
Same as for 20 stars, but more.

Congratulations on making it through the achievement guide for T-Minus 30! By
now, you should have a good understanding of the various achievements in the
game and what you need to do to unlock them.

While you'll find most of the achievements to be pretty easy to unlock, remember,
T-Minus 30 is all about resource management. Take your time to build a resource
gathering machine, and don't be afraid to experiment with different strategies.

We hope the tips and advice in this guide have been helpful to you in your
journey through T-Minus 30. Good luck, and have fun rescuing humanity!

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Updated: 2023.03.12

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