Table Ball Cheat Codes

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Table Ball Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Table Ball Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Table Ball Cheat Codes

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Table Ball

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Console Commands:
Written by By Robin Painter

To assist players in resolving different problems encountered during
gameplay, devs included a number of debug commands to the game.

-=Main Menu Commands=-
These commands are only executable through the main menu.

* dlc.disable.dlc1 — Disable Colours DLC 1
* dlc.disable.dlc2 — Disable Colours DLC 2
* dlc.disable.dlc3 — Disable Colours DLC 3
* dlc.disable.dlc4 — Disable Colours DLC 4
* dlc.disable.dlc5 — Disable Deluxe Edition Content

-=UI Commands=-
These commands can only be executed ingame.

* — Show all UI Elements
* — Show only required UI Elements
* ui.hide.all — Hide all UI Elements
* ui.hide.unrequired — Hide all Required UI Elements

-=Game Options Commands=-
These commands can only be executed while in game.

* game.options.cheats.enable — Enable Cheat Commands
* game.options.betaPowerups.enable — Enable Beta Powerups
* game.options.betaPowerups.disable — Disable Beta Powerups
* game.options.powerups.enable — Enable Powerups
* game.options.powerups.disable — Disable Powerups
* game.scene.mainMenu — Enter the Main Menu
* game.restart — Restarts the game scene
* game.quit — Quits the game
* — Gives you the Free Achievement

-=Ball / Bumper Commands=-
These commands can only be executed within the game scene

* ball.reset — Resets the Ball
* bumper.left.reset — Resets the Left Bumper
* — Sets the Left Bumper to AI
* bumper.left.type.player — Sets the Left Bumper to Player
* bumper.left.difficulty.easy — Sets the Left Bumper to Easy
* bumper.left.difficulty.normal — Sets the Left Bumper to Normal
* bumper.left.difficulty.hard — Sets the Left Bumper to Hard
* bumper.right.reset — Resets the Right Bumper
* — Sets the Right Bumper to AI
* bumper.right.type.player — Sets the Right Bumper to Player
* bumper.right.difficulty.easy — Sets the Right Bumper to Easy
* bumper.right.difficulty.normal — Sets the Right Bumper to Normal
* bumper.right.difficulty.hard — Sets the Right Bumper to Hard

-=Cheat Commands=-
These commands all require cheats to be enabled.
This will disable achievements for this session.

* powerup.trigger.speed — Activates the Speed Powerup
* powerup.trigger.slowness — Activates the Slowness Debuff
* powerup.trigger.doubleBumper — Activates the Double Bumper Powerup
* powerup.trigger.inverted — Activates the Inverted Powerup
* powerup.disable.speed — Disables the Speed Powerup
* powerup.disable.slowness — Disables the Slowness Debuff
* powerup.disable.doubleBumper — Disables the Double Bumper Debuff
* powerup.disable.inverted — Disables the Inverted Debuff
* game.score.reset — Resets the game score

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Updated: 2023.02.18

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