OnsenVR Cheat Codes

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OnsenVR Cheat Codes
Name of the file: OnsenVR Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

OnsenVR Cheat Codes

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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Play with Oculus:
Just a small guide to configure the game to work with Oculus as
well as the button mappings (as they are found).

-=Getting the Game to Work with Oculus=-
You’ll need to switch the game’s compatibility to Windows 7.

To do so locate your game’s directory.
Can be done by selecting the game in:

* Steam -> right click -> select “Properties” -> Local Files
-> Browse Local Files
* Right click the game.exe and select "Properties".
* Go to the compatibility tab and change compatibility to Windows 7
and Apply.

Now when you launch the game it should appear on your headset.

-=Oculus Controls=-
The game was clear designed with Vive in mind, so the controls are
going to be a bit different than what is displayed at times. Past
the menus, most of the moves work in game, though I have yet to
figure out the non essential abilities like jump.

* To scroll to each menu option you will need to Press In the Left
Analogue Stick + a direction.
* To confirm your selection, press the Left Trigger.
* Y button will cancel out of that menu (if able).

-=In Game=-
* Use Left Analogue Stick to move.
* Press in Left Analogue Stick + Direction to sprint.
* Left Trigger/Right Trigger to open/close each hand.

-=Tips for Punching=-
* Working the Onsen will definitely leave you to prefer using weapons
over fists, but if you have to use your fisticuffs then you may want
to keep this in mind.

* When throwing a punch, try to use your Left Analogue stick to move
towards the target while punching. This will ensure a hit as without
movement the target tends to not take damage.

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Updated: 2023.01.30

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