Dark and Darker Cheat Codes

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Dark and Darker Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Dark and Darker Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Dark and Darker Cheat Codes

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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginner Solo Rogue Guide (Playtest):
Written by Comrade Cold

So you pick rogue and now what? This guide will tell you what to do.
And I will give some tips and findings here.

-=Before You Hop in to the Dungeon=-
Go to “Class” and then into “Perk & Skill”.

Now you will want to pick:

“Dagger Expert” for that extra 5% of attack damage with daggers.


“Trap detection” you can see traps.

The reason why I would prefer to pick the “Dagger Expert” is that it
gives you extra damage for your dagger it will be better then being able
to detect traps that you can watch out for

When you hit lvl 5 put on “Lockpick Exper” the reason why you should not
have it on earlier is that i you need to survive first to get loot.

-=For the skills=-
“Rupture” you can cause bleed to other players.


“Hide” you can become invisible if you stay still.

-=And for the other slot=-
“Weak points” you deal more damage for 1 successful attack.

The reason why I would not use “Smoke bomb” is that it simply not worthy
it when you can create a natural invisibility with environment.

-=The Fun Part=-
Before you even go to a dungeon or while you are in the lobby open inventory
and change “Throwing Knife” to quick slot 4 the reason is that you will be
able to faster attack someone when they are running away.

Look at the map to find where other players might be.

You can tell that by looking if there is room identical to the one that you
spawn in which is a square.

What you will do with that information is your choice.

This is a tip for the using a dagger on skeletons you can attack 3 times and
then you take few steps back and you can easily defeat them without the problem.

Quick note: do not go to the sides because their attack has a big hit box
which will most likely hit you.

But it only works on 1 vs 1 and 1 vs 2

If there is a larger number then 2 skeletons you run away from there. It is a
low possibility that you will make it out alive.Yes, you can try and i encourage
you to do so without testing you will not find out.

The same goes for mummies 3 hits and go back but unlike with skeletons you can
fight them in a group of 3 due to how slow they are.

The same deal with the monster that resales the poison gas 3 hits and back off
but this time watch out for the gas which moves.

Run away from wizards / skeletons in clothing

Do not try to attack them with starting gear and with out healing just get out
of there.

The other thing is that your torch has a farther reach then your dagger but
deals less damage so you can sometimes use it to get does dragonflies more
easier and they die on 2 hits any one no matter if it is dagger or not

(Dagger – 20 dmg Torch – 17 dmg)
Before engaging in pvp try to see how many players there are and how well
they play.

If you think that you can take them they look for the opening when they would
not see you coming. The other thing is that you should create a escape route
in case if it fails just make some hall dark and run in there and either run
away from there or try to attack them from there if they chase you

-=Overall Tips=-
“There is always one more” it is a rule that you need to learn there will be
always that one more enemy.

Light is your worst enemy so if you are planning to attack a group or single
player try to make the place as dark as possible to stress them more can
cause some unwanted panic.

Watch out for your surroundings and use it for your advantage.

It is okay to lose gear truly it is okay to bring that one bandage that might
have saved your run because you did not see that trap or you might have been
able to take that one more hit.

Depending on your play style chose carefully your healing options the reason
is that we can see that red potion from a far but a bandage is invisible or
you can just waste a per point for “Hidden Pockets”.

Spellbook Benefit List (Playtest):
Are there any advantages to using the spellbook vs the staves?
The answer is below.

You will move more quickly with a spell book out compared to the wizard staff.

It will also be easier to aim and fire some spells with the spellbook in small
cramped areas compared to the wizard staff.

Since the staff may hit the wall or ceiling causing the spell to fizzle.

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