Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII - Reunion Cheat Codes

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Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII - Reunion Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII - Reunion Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII - Reunion Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Beat Minerva before Getting the Buster Sword:
Written by Wh1stl3

Ok so you’re able to farm Lunar Harps from the Mover RE enemies as early as
8-6-1. Just pick a path that triggers a battle within a few steps on both
sides, really easy to find

Just have Brigand Gloves and Mogs Amulet equipped, with Steal and Darkness.
Steal the Lunar Harp, then spam Darkness to kill em. They drop tons of SP and
Gold Armlets which you can sell for 3K apiece

After that, Materia Item Fusion the Lunar Harps onto your desired Materia,
then convert the stat using the final-tier Stat items, in my case i maxed out
HP on Darkness using Fat Chocobo Feather. Then Hero Drink on a misc Materia
for maxed ATK. You can get just enough Sp from the Mover REs after farming
for maybe an hour. It gets faster the more eficient you get and the restart
mechanic lets you redo any battle you mess up on

Keep playing with Darkness spam till you get Brutal and Adaman Bangle (breaks
ATK and HP limit), then equip the eventual Power Suit. You’re more or less
good to go after that with a 200+ ATK stat and 20K HP

My equipment was Power Suit, Brutal, Adaman, and Twisted Headband (for
constant Endure) for a good time. Materia centered around Darkness for damage,
Heck Blizzaga and Status Ward combo, Assault Twister+ with ATK+100, Then the
last 2 were flex depending on need like Wall, Dash, Drain Blade.

YOU DO NOT NEED ANY CURE SPELLS, the quick potion access makes them obsolete

After some time you’ll get to 6-6-3, which you can more quickly farm Dark
Matter, SP from Mover EX, and SP from the Demons dropping Darkness

Then after that, if you really want to and your stats are all topped out
with Zeidrich and farming, you can farm Pheonix Downs from the Shinra
Soldiers in 9-6-5, as the new restart mechanic prevents you from Stealing
from Minerva and then leaving to resell them.

Auto Level XP / Materia (AFK):
Writen by Roycehellion

Here’s an easy way to cheat the DMW system and level your Materia and Zack
up without grinding.

Moderate leveled character, I was lvl 15 when I tested this. I also recommend
a setup with Materia like Assault Twister with +60% HP to ease things.
High Vit Accessories help too.

Use Mission 1-1 Training where you fight about 6-9 basic Sentry Soldiers. They
do very little dmg. Switch you guard button to RT/R2 and use a rubber band to
hold in place. Let the peons attack you endlessly and they generally will do 1
dmg per hit.

With a lot of SP the DMW will spin forever and the chances of getting more HP
is pretty good to the point I finish with more HP than I started with. This
gives the DMW a chance to hit the Materia LVL+ and 777 rolls many times before
you manually finish the fight.

Thats it. Since its random to lvl up most things and if you have a lot of
invisible XP stored up, and great chance to 777 for actual levels.

AFK for a half hour or more and keep an eye on you HP while you do something
else and save the manual grind.

How to Disable Bloom:
Written by CasePB

Real quick tweak to disable bloom.

*Navigate to:
* x:\Users\Name\AppData\Local\CCFF7R\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
* Open the file Engine.ini
* Select and copy:
* Paste the code underdeath the Path lines, and then save.
* That’s it!

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