Mount Wingsuit 2 Cheat Codes

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Mount Wingsuit 2 Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Mount Wingsuit 2 Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Mount Wingsuit 2 Cheat Codes

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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Basic Guide (Tricks & Combos):
Written by Tyraziel | DaRaziel

Basic guide explaining the tricks and combo systems in Mount Wingsuit 2.

-=General Information=-
The final score for on each run is calculated by your multiplier multiplied
by the pointscore.

The multiplier is raised by chaining together different tricks. Every event
that gives points is considered a trick and therefore continues the combo.
This means also flying through gaps during a combo counts as a trick and
raises your multiplier by 1.

Your pointscore can be raised in multiple ways:

Executing a trick gives a multiplier and a set amount of points. This set
amount of points is influenced on how far from the surrounding terrain you
perform the trick: Doing a backward flip high up in the sky will be counted
as a “Safe Backflip” and only reward 300 points. Doing a backflip 5 Meters
above the ground will be counted as “Risky Backflip” and reward you 9000
points instead.

There are 3 different risk categories: Safe, Normal (without additional Text),

* “Safe” rewards 1/10th of “Normal” (=300 points).
* Normal rewards 3000 Points.
* Risky rewards 3x “Normal” (=9000 points).

Another way to improve your pointscore is proximity flying.

Doing so for a while will also add combo multipliers to your score after
some time.

As long as you keep your hands in the trick position, you will continue to
perform the trick repeatedly. With time you will loose momentum and the flips/
rolls you are doing will become slower and slower until you tumble/stall.

-=What Moves Can I Perform and How Do I Do It?=-
Move 1: Forward Flip
While flying down (losing altitude) put your hands left and right respectively
to your forehead.

Move 2: Backward Flip (my personal favourite, because i find it easiest to
perform quickly)
While flying straight or upwards (gaining altitude) put your hands left and right
next to your forehead (like the frontflip).

Move 3: Left Barrel Roll
Move your left hand to up next to your forehand on the left and move the right
hand only up next to your chin in the right side (i might have messed the
directions up and this is actually the right barrel roll, but i think you get
the point).

Move 4: Right Barrel Roll
Same as Left, but mirrored – right hand up to the forehand, left hand only up
to the chin

Move 5: Proximity Flying
Move 5 is not actually a move you have to perform with a gesture, but fly
close to any terrain and after a short period of procimity flying a point
counter will show up in front of you

-=Combos – What Are They and How Can I Start Them?=-
After performing any of the mentioned tricks, you will hear a clock ticking
after a few seconds.

this is your combo timer. As long as it hasn’t run out you can start another
trick (starting the trick within the timer is enough, you don`t have to finish
the trick before it runs out) and therefore start a combo.

By combining all the mentioned above (flips/barell rols followed by some
proximity flying into some more flips/rolls over the next cliff) and executing
combos you can achieve quite high scores as you can see on the leaderboards
(except exit point 16 or 17 where Jesusfreke and i have above 100 mio. Those
scores where achieved with an older version of the last wingsuit and are not
possible any more i think).

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Updated: 2022.12.05

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