Gloomwood Cheat Codes

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Gloomwood Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Gloomwood Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Gloomwood Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Cheat Codes:
Written by By Lara Yu

How to open a command prompt? Press the tilde ~ key

Code Effect
ANTIALIASING - Set the anti-aliasing sample amount
BLOOM - Set the bloom setting
CHEATS - Toggle the cheats system
CLEAR - Clear the console log of all text
CROSSHAIR - Set whether the crosshair is shown
DIFFICULTY - Display or set the game difficulty
FOG - Set the fog rendering state
FOV - Set the field-of-view value
RAMERATE - Set the Framerate cap value
GHOST - Allows the player to noclip and not be targetable by enemies
GIVE - Gives values and items to the player
GOD - Set the invincibility state on Player
HELP - Display list of available commands
HUD - Enable and disable HUD elements
INFINITE - Set infinite quantities or values
LEVEL - Load a level by name
LIFE - Show or set the player life amount
LightFlares - Set the light Flare setting
LIST - List entities and values From the game asset database
LOADGAME - Manually loads the input save slot
NOCLIP - Allows the player to boundlessly Fly around the map
NOTARGET - Set the player as untargetable
PLACE - Allows the player to place entities such as developer markers
QUIT - Quit the current game
RESTART - Restart the current level
SAVEGAME - Manually saves the current game to input save slot
SPAWN - Spawn entities into the game world
THIEF - Removes Footstep noises and allows player to open any
door without needing keys
TIMESCALE - Set the time scale value
TOOLTIPS - Enable and disable text tooltips
VERSION - Display the current game version

How to Enter the Tower (Hard Way & Safe Codes):
Here is a simple guide created by Dr. Leon Sisk on how to enter the tower
the hard way or with safe codes.

-=Enter the Tower the Hard Way=-
Just stack some barrels and boxes together and put a bag on top for an
extra boost and you’ll be able to pull yourself up and find out the hard way
what happened up in the tower in case you were curious.

Enter the Tower with the Safe Codes

* Safe 1
363, found by turning off the light and looking backwards from the safe.
(safe found early on)

* Safe 2
415 Password Location: ??? (was bruteforced) (safe found in cave outside factory)

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