Rain World Cheat Codes

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Rain World Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Rain World Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Rain World Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginners Tips:

Not organized in any particular order, just a collection of things
that may be useful to new players.

-=The Overseer=-
The overseer (little yellow thing that follows you around) uses specific
symbols with different meanings:

Predator Symbol: Used to point out dangers in the environment.
Especially useful for detecting pole mimics or invisible lizards!

Batfly Symbol: Points you in the direction of a room with batfly nests.

Shelter Symbol: Points you to the closest shelter. The overseer will
point you towards a shelter after you’ve eaten enough food. If you
haven’t eaten enough for hibernation and the overseer is using this
symbol, it means rain is coming.

Food Symbol: Shows you edible things. Self-explanatory.

Slugcat Symbol: Points you in the general direction of where you
should be going.

Holograms: Only show up at specific points in the game to communicate
a more complex idea that can’t be explained with symbols alone.
You don’t have to worry about this.

Side note: scavengers don’t like overseers and will attack them.
don’t stand inbetween an armed scav and an overseer.

An especially important section considering how many players get stuck
in drainage system (happened to me too lmao). You may notice that while
underwater, your slugcat has a bit of light around it. This is your
oxygen level. Do not spam the jump button while underwater- it provides
a small speed boost but will deplete your oxygen.

This plant will increase your oxygen level for a bit. Useful in drainage
system but only hold one at a time because their effects don’t stack.

There are also leeches in almost every body of water. Standing in a dry
place for a bit will cause them to fall off. Having too many leeches on
you will weigh you down – they can be stunned with popping snails.

-=Misc Stuff That I Dont Care About Organizing=-
* Centipedes are edible in all difficulties.
* Walking and jumping creates noise that may attract enemies.
Laying down and crawling is silent.
* Configure your controls if you find them uncomfortable, you don’t
have to do a bunch of complicated movement to get through the game.
* Throwing rocks/spears while crouch-jumping will increase the length
of your jump.
* Spears can be thrown in walls/floors to create temporary poles.
* A dark gradient at the bottom of the screen means that falling into
it will kill you (mostly in high places).
* Slugcat can hold one inedible item in their stomach. This item will
stay with you if you use a passage.
* From your perspective: Slugcat will throw items from their left hand
* Throwing a rock at a lizard’s head will stun it and flip it over,
leaving it vulnerable to a spear attack.
* Don’t try to time a pole grab while falling, simply holding up will
automatically make the slugcat hold onto a pole.

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