Shelter 69 Cheat Codes

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Shelter 69 Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Shelter 69 Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Shelter 69 Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

General Beginner Tips:
Written by God of Snacks

* If you read this before really starting, do not claim any of the daily
tasks yet. You’ll be stopped at shelter level 4 with a task to complete 5
daily tasks. If you’re trying to get through as fast as possible, read the
shelter level tasks section to see what you should hold off on to make
leveling easier. (that section is not complete yet tho :p)

* Do not be so quick to maximize everything in the beginning. As in, don’t
level up every item, reforge, enhance, don’t level up every girl, increase
their trust levels as high as you can, or advance their flirts too much.
There are a few early shelter tasks that require doing these specific things,
and holding off until you see them will help. Once you’re past shelter level
6 or so, you’ll probably be bringing in lots of resources and you’ll be
willing to do as you please.

* Save your elDI in the beginning, they take a long time to craft and they
shouldn’t really be used in health restoration in normal story stages. It’s
better to give what little eLDi you have in the beginning to the girls
you’re sending on long expeditions.

* Expedition secret stages are really hard stages for new players, don’t
feel like you have to run them. It’s a good idea to enter the stages and
then just leave. There are challenges, achievements, and rewards for simply
entering enough hidden stages. That being said, you should be running the
20 minute expeditions as much as possible to get equipment in the beginning.
Once you have solid equipment that gets your girls to 300+ power, you can
run 40 minutes with them consistently.

* You don’t actually have to fight every enemy or search every room in a
stage. Just click on the bubbles in the top left to see what you need to
do to complete the stage. (This is particularly helpful in 1-7 where you
realize you don’t have to fight 60% of the enemies.)

* You can invest heavily in Andrea for her healing ability helps a lot
since you don’t have much eLDi.

* This game is designed to be more of a casual, story-driven, idle(ish)
game. Don’t expect to be able to barrel through everything instantly.

* Once you have your radio station and are getting workers, always keep a
few outside the shelter for tasks that require “inviting new workers.”
Samantha best girl.

* Martha the true best girl.

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