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Leap Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Leap Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Leap Cheat Codes

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Submitted by: David K.

Wraith Combo Guide + Tips and Tricks:
Written by Aciento_Ace

Combo Wraith is a playstyle for Wraith focused around sudden bursts of combo
damage from mid-short ranges. It’s been my main playstyle for around a year so
I figured I’d make a guide on how to play it. (Thanks to th_mrows guide for the
Specops playstyle guide for Wraith that I appropriated the format I used for this
from, check it out after this)

Combo Wraith is as previously stated a playstyle centered on dealing burst dmg
at short-medium ranges.

This is usually done by comboing 3 sources of damage, but we will go over those later.

Because of Wraith’s low HP, this playstyle turns you into the ultimate close-range
assassin/glass canon.

-=How to play Combo Wraith=-
Wraith has the lowest hp, which makes it hard to win normal fights. There are
playstyles that can make you capable of winning these duels like Specops, but
Combo Wraith aims to end these fights before they can even start properly.

I’ll go over the steps you should go through in a fight. If you kill your enemy
before reaching the end of the Combo that’s great but you don’t always do that.

The opening – When you see your enemy your first action should be getting above
your enemy. After that, you’ll want to toss your grenade at your enemy. Hopefully,
this 1shots them and you can pick up the grenade they dropped so you are ready
for the next enemy. But if it doesn’t move to step 2.

The follow-up – If your grenade didn’t kill your target, or if there were multiple
your next step is your sniper rifle. Pull it out and either quick scope or take
your time to line up a shot depending on the range. You can technically have no
scope but the spread is very wide so I don’t recommend it.

The finisher – If your target is still not dead this is where you pull out your
secondary of choice to finish them off. The exact strategy here depends on your
secondary, but they should be in pretty low health at this point so this step
shouldn’t be much trouble.

The aftermath – At this point, your target should be dead. If they aren’t you are.
After you kill your opponent the first thing you should do is go for their health
and grenade drop. These are very important for you to be able to fight your next
fight. You should also activate your cloak to avoid instantly getting ganked by
an enemy team.

Now, this seems pretty simple when broken down into steps like this. But all this
should ideally happen basically instantly before your opponent or their team has
time to react. This is of course not always possible and in many cases, you can’t
do the full combo in this order. So to play Combo Wraith to it’s full potential
you need to learn what parts of the combo to use at what times.

-=Additional fight tips=-
* Open with Cloak – Whenever you enter a combat area you want to activate the cloak.
Its duration is long enough that by the time it runs out you should’ve found someone,
and even if you don’t its cooldown is short enough it doesn’t matter much.

* Be above your opponent – This serves two purposes. Firstly it’s rare that people
look upwards, so when you uncloak you won’t be instantly killed. But the most
important reason you should go above people even if you don’t have a cloak is that
it makes it easier to kill them because it allows the Frag to travel more of its arm
time before hitting the ground and makes headshots easier to hit.

* Your PV – Your PV can be used to gain height or a speed boost in a pinch, don’t be
afraid to use it in a fight just because its primary purpose is to travel outside of

-=Your Loadout=-
* The Deadeye sniper rifle is by far the easiest weapon to recommend for Combo Wraith.
The entire playstyle is focused on burst dmg, so why would you pick a LRR over a
Sniper Rifle.

* Any secondary can work, but I recommend and personally use the sword for the
increased survivability and easy cleanup dmg if a combo doesn’t kill someone. But
any weapon can work here so use whatever works best for you.

* For your tactical I heavily recommend Cloak over Invis. The extra speedboost and
especially jump height is incredibly useful. You can use Invis if you want to play
more passively, but I don’t recommend it.

* Grenades are the most complicated part of your loadout, there are two main options.
The EMP or the Frag. I personally use the Frag, but they are quite similar except
for 2 key features. The EMP 1shots shields but deals no health dmg, and the frag
deals more dmg but doesn’t 1shot shields. At the end of the day pick the one you
like best.

* For augments there are two main options, one aggressive and one defensive.
Although you can play both ways with both. The two augments are Fast Grapple for
extra mobility which can be used either to get in faster and survival a fight with
evasion or to reposition. The other is Accelerated Shields because it makes it so
a quick duck into cover can regen your shields back to full which Wraith greatly
benefits from.

* For suit modules anything that enhances your jump height will be good. So either
Acrobat or Jump Thrusters. I personally use Jump Thrusters because I think it makes
it easier to aim mid jump but just like with grenades and augments both work and
its just a matter of preference.

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Updated: 2022.06.05

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