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V Rising Cheat Codes
Name of the file: V Rising Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

V Rising Cheat Codes

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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Make Golems Work for You:
Written by Varian a la Aviaire

With the amount of bases dotted across the map of course a lot of them
are going to have one of these big lugs camping outside, and those
locations are the key to fast & free loot my friends!


The might of our giant Buddy!

We’ve all seen how these fabulously dynamic NPC’s are constantly fighting
each other, and our buddy here is no exception!

The stone golem is a very territorial beast, capable of wiping out whole
groups of enemies who dare to approach.

The whole concept here is finding yourself a base that comes packaged with
your very own stone buddy just outside!

Now preferably by a road-side where he can sweep up as many groups as possible,
hell I’ve even seen buddy solo bosses and come out clean, so that’s free upps
for you my friends, especially if you’re just starting out!

Now buddy’s a big slow lug, and he ain’t got good hands for pickin’ up all
that loot lyin’ around, so he won’t mind you goin in and picking it all up
behind him when he’s done with all the killin’.

Just be quick about it.

Bow don’t worry so much if your base hasn’t come equipped with its own buddy,
he still has a lot more to give for his friends.

Behold, The Hardened Harvester!

No matter where he is Buddy’s always happy to lend a hand! just direct him
to the nearest pile of resources and he’ll Smash them right up for you!
Saving plenty of time and effort, Thanks Buddy!

Remember, Always protect your Buddy!

How to move fast:
The V Rising map is quite large and has many different areas, which you can
explore. The most efficient way to move around the map is the fast travel
system. This is an MMO, where you will have to visit many areas back and forth,
to find resources, bosses and complete tasks. In this guide, we will cover
everything, what do you need to know about, how to move fast.

-=How to move fast=-
The fast travel system in V Rising is via the Vampire Gate. The most
interesting, that you can also build your own Vampire Gate. You can move between
different gates to navigate the map.

There aren't many vampire gates in the world, so the best way to move quickly –
create your own. To create your own Vampire Gate, you need to defeat Fire God

Boss, in question, located in Gleaming Meadows, west of Farbane Woods.
Killing the boss, you will be able to create gates. To make a vampire gate,
you will need the following materials.

10x Gem Dust
20x Board
20x Copper Bar
200x Blood Essence

Vampire Gates you create will link to other existing gates.
It should be noted, that other players on the same server will not be able to
use your vampire gate.

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Updated: 2022.05.21

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