Corridor Z Cheat Codes

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Corridor Z Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Corridor Z Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Corridor Z Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

The beginning of Corridor Z Guide:
Witten by DocMaple10009

This is my first guide so sorry for my grammar and spelling.

I would like to give thanks to Playstation author name is
Noid for helping me figure out some errors in the achievements.

If you see a green light, a turn is going to be coming up really quickly.
If you see a red light, that means that there is a weapon on the ground.
Gold means that there is a stash of rations on the side.
Blue means that if you hit down, you will get a collectable.

1.Throughout the game and the daily login will provide rations which
can use to power up weapons and use perks.

2.The best way to kill zombies is to let them get close so you will get
head shots for instant kills. If you want to focus on zombie kills for a
chievements or an in-game mission, just don't use any objects and let
them come to you, so you preserve bullets.

3.Once you've survived for 11 days and which will unlocked all of the perks.

4.You starts you out with 3 characters, and your crew will grow to 5 by games
end. Each character has 3 lives with which you can go on runs, and these lives
replenish themselves over time. You can also replenish lives by using med kits
which you can find or craft.

However I doubt you will use up all the lives for every character that you would
feel the need to use med kits.

5.Many achievements are cumulative across all play through, and should come
naturally as you complete missions.

-=Mission rewards=-
In order to find these missions, open up the Map screen from the character
select screen, and look for missions with a small box icon on the top-right
of their normal icon. By selecting these missions to be rewarded with items
after completion. You will not be guaranteed to earn a collectable, and may
instead receive rations, but as long as you don't own all the collectables you
have a high chance of gaining them.

-=Final Clue=-
somewhat special in that it is collected by playing a special mission for Chow,
the second and last time this will happen in the game. When you have picked up
the second-to-last Clue collectable you will want to go to the Map screen for
your next run, and find the special Chow mission, and select it. Complete the
mission to earn the final cut scene, as well as the last collectable.

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