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Ragnarock Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Ragnarock Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Ragnarock Cheat Codes

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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Pro Tips for Better Scores:
Written by NoLaSP

Some tips and info for those looking to improve their scores…

-=Hitting Without Misses=-
That’s obviously the first goal, and apart from training training training,
there are a few things to know on that subject.

First, let’s start with an explanation of how the game recognizes a hit
between the hammer and the drum: a point on the front of the hammer creates
a line when moving, which intersects rectangles located on the surface of
the drums. The front face of the hammer must entirely exit and then re-enter
the top of the drum for the collision to register.

There is a lot more tolerance for where you hit on the outer drums, to
compensate for arm reach. If there are two valid notes and you hit in the
middle, the overlap is handled by looking at which note is the closest.
Please note the only important thing is WHEN you hit the drum (when the
rune aligns with the center of the drum), not WHERE you hit on the drum,
as long as you are in the hit zone.

Now, a few settings can help you hit without misses:

* Drum height
* Find the correct height for you. Typically this would be around hip height.
This is important to ensure your hammers completely exit and then re-enter
the drum for each hit
* Hammer orientation and position
* Same as above
* Choose your hammer
* If you’ve unlocked multiple hammers, you’ll notice they all have different
shapes, which can impact your gamefeel. Try them all to find the one that
feels the best for you.
* Play standing if you can to have the best freedom of movement and the best
field of view to see runes in advance.
* And of course, make sure you follow all the manufacturer’s recommandations
to ensure the best tracking for your headset.

-=General tips=-
* Your goal is to make the most perfect hits. Perfect hits give you more
points AND charge your combo faster.
* Always wait for the second-level (yellow) combo to maximize the added bonus
(except for the very end of the song where you must send whatever combo you
have before the end).
* Use your second-level combo as soon as you get it. There is no point in
waiting as the combo gives you a fixed boost and is not impacted by incoming

-=Getting Perfect Hits=-
To score the most points and charge your combo the fastest, the whole goal in
Ragnarock is to score “perfect hits”. As explained above, perfect hits are
counted between -15 and +15ms around the exact timing. Training will help you
maximize this of course, but you might also need a bit of help from the LATENCY

-=What is Latency?=-
In Ragnarock, latency is the average difference between your hits and exact
timing. A perfect run made by a robot would have a latency of 0. Latency can be
a positive or a negative number depending if you hit too late or too early
compared to the song. It can come from hardware specs (e.g. headphones) or from
your own timing.

-=Where is it?=-
In Advanced settings, check “Show latency” to see your average latency.
It will show under the “Perfect hits” in all your scores.

-=How to adjust it?=-
Try to play a few songs you’re comfortable with to find out your average,
then enter the opposite value in the “Latency” advanced setting (e.g. if you
get a -30 average, put your Latency at +30). This will offset the audio (song)
and the visual (runes) by that amount, and should allow you to have a lower
latency overall and therefore hit more “perfect hits”.

Please note that since you are a human (hopefully), it is normal for your
latency to never be the same, but you can try to adjust it so it is optimized
for your case. Keep in mind the window for perfect hits is +/-15 so you don’t
need a 0 latency to have great scores.

Other options that can help you hit more accurately are :
* Turn down “Drum sound compensation” (Advanced settings)
* This will allow you to here exactly when you hit the drum, rather than the
corrected, more in sync, drum sound, which can help you realize whether you
hit too early/too late.
* Change your “Rune speed” (Modifiers settings)
* Some players like to modify this value to their liking, to anticipate runes
better for example (especially on lower levels).
* Check “DIsplay beat lines” (Display settings)
* These lines show the tempo during the song and can help you keep up.

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Updated: 2022.04.19

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