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Winds & Leaves Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Winds & Leaves Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Basic Hints + Advanced Planting:
Written by Sayonara

Some hints about the things I found hard to figure out.

* Walk around by holding both grips and moving your hands. Holding one grip
and moving your hand up and down will change the height of your stilts, and
make you walk faster or slower.
* Climb trees by “grabbing” the tree with your grip and pulling yourself “up”.
* Pick fruits from trees, dig holes, plant fruit, new tree grows. Profit.
* The “cup” holds your energy. Energy runs out when you walk outside the grass.
When the cup is empty you will start to die, but you have a little time to get
back onto grass and stop dying.
* Energy will not drain when you stand still, unless you are in a hazard
(whirlwind, rain etc), so you can fast forward time and wait for a tree
to grow under you.
* Trees must match the soil or they will not grow. All three symbols must match.
Once you dig a hole, the game will highlight the symbols in white if the seed
you are holding (or placed in the hole) matches them.
* If you do not have a fruit that matches exactly, you can combine two or three
fruits in one hole to combine their symbols.
* Grabbing straight from your pouch will pull whatever fruit you last put in.
You can pull the pouch out by the handle and drop it in front of you, and then
you can pick from any of the pockets in it.
* If you find you are grabbing the wrong fruit from the pouch even though you
were pointing at the one you wanted, try holding your controller sideways or
upside-down while grabbing it.
* Once you reach the large windmill (and have awakened the small windmills first),
you need to climb up the inside of the large windmill, to the top, and activate
it there.
* In case it’s not obvious, the arrows on the pouches show how many fruits are in

-=Advanced Planting=-
* Your fruit pouch does not have enough slots to hold every combination of fruit
you will make. Choose wisely which ones to keep so that you have at least one of
every symbol if you need it. I recommend leaving one or two pouch slots to hold
the fruits you need for the current soil type, and throw them out and replace
them when the soil type changes. The other 4-5 slots should hold enough to have
at least one of every symbol; when you meet a new soil type, you can then combine
fruits to make the tree you need, wait for it to grow, then pick its fruit to
start planting the soil.

* When you encounter environmental hazards (whirlwinds etc), you will have two
options of trees to plant; one for the soil, and one for the hazard. You need
to plant both types of trees, close enough together that their grass overlaps
once they grow.

* Often you can plant trees on dead ground and they will just grow, but sometimes
they will die if you plant them too far apart from other trees. If this happens,
usually the game will warn you with a message that “lone trees die”, and you just
need to plant them overlapping on each other’s grass.

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