Galactic Civilizations 2 - Dark Avatar Cheat Codes

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Galactic Civilizations 2 - Dark Avatar Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Galactic Civilizations 2 - Dark Avatar Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Cheat mode:
Add the "cheat" command line parameter to a shortcut to the application
and you need to add it *outside* the quotes that enclose the application
path in the shortcut.
Example: ".....\Stardock\TotalGaming\GalCiv2\galciv2.exe" cheat

Code Result
CTRL + [V] - United Planets Meeting.
CTRL + [B] - Add Battleship.
CTRL + [C] - Clone Selected Ship.
CTRL + [0-9] - Hail's Major Races.
CTRL + [J] - Complete Social Projects.
CTRL + [R] - Research Current Tech (Hold SHIFT for ALL).
CTRL + [H] - Heal Selected Ship.
CTRL + [T] - Teleport Selected Ship to Cursor.
CTRL + [L] - Assigns Remaining Planets to Major Races.
CTRL + [S] - Save.
CTRL + [A] - Upgrade Selected Ship.
CTRL + [M] - Add 10,000bc.
CTRL + [N] - Restart on New Map with New Race.
CTRL + SHIFT + [D] - Spawn a Minor Race.
CTRL + SHIFT + [T] - Hail Yourself.
CTRL + SHIFT + [J] - Completes Other Race's Projects.
CTRL + SHIFT + [X] - Quart. Report.
CTRL + SHIFT + [B] - Spawn Different Star Bases.
CTRL + SHIFT + [M] - Change Alignment.

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Updated: 2022.01.10

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