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Space Station 14 Cheat Codes - PC

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Space Station 14 Cheat Codes - PC

Name of the file: Space Station 14 Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Door Hacking Guide (Walls, Windows Included):
Written by Tannco

Let you enter anywhere even you don’t have the access.

-=Chapter 1. Airlock Lockpicking=-
You’ll need: Screwdriver, Wirecutter, Crowbar

Use screwdriver to open the airlock panel
Use wirecutter to cut off the Power

There’s one wire will bolt the airlock, which make it unpickable,
you need a multitool to reset if it’s bolted.

Use crowbar to crank to the airlock open.

-=Chapter 2. Airlock Deaccess=-
You’ll need: Welder, Screwdriver, Crowbar

If you are afraid of the airlock being bolted while you lockpicking it,
this method is for you.

Use welder to weld the airlock
Use screwdriver to open the airlock panel
Use crowbar to remove the door electronic part
Reinstall the door electronic part
Use screwdriver to install the airlock
Now you have deaccess the airlock, anyone now can access this airlock.

-=Chapter 3. Wall Deconstruct=-
You’ll need, Welder, Wrench, Screwdriver(optional)

Use welder to weld the wall
Use wrench to unanchor the wall frame
Use screwdriver to deconstruct the wall frame
You can just simply push the wall frame away while it being unanchor
to skip the screwdriverpart.

-=Chapter 4. Reinforced Wall Deconstruct=-
You’ll need: Screwdriver, Wirecutter, Welder, Crowbar, Wrench

The deconsrtuct procedure is by fallowing:

Wirecutter, Screwdriver, Welder, Crowbar, Wrench, Welder, Crowbar,
Screwdriver, Wirecutter
After this, reinforced wall will turn into wall frame, just like normal
wall frame, you can unanchor it with wrench and push it away or
deconstruct with screwdriver.

-=Chapter 5. Window Deconstruct=-
You’ll need: Screwdriver, Wrench

Use screwdriver to screw the window
Use wrench to deconstruct the window

-=Chapter 6. Reinforced Window Deconstruct=-
You’ll need: Screwdriver, Wrench, Crowbar

The procedure to deconstruct is by fallowing:
Screwdriver, Crowbar, Screwdriver, Wrench
If you can’t memorize that, you can just throw(Ctrl+Q) spear to break
the window.

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