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Battle Brothers Cheat Codes - PC

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Battle Brothers Cheat Codes - PC

Name of the file: Battle Brothers Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

-=Follow these steps=-
* Load up hex editor (e.g., HxD).
* Open save game in hex editor.
* Search for your Bros name.
* Slightly before the first mention of your Bros name (likely in his description)
there will be a text “Human” (not in the hex values, obviously).
* Keep moving right from the hex values corresponding to “human” (the hex editor
will highlight both in text and hex), and find the “09” hex value following that.
* After the “09” you will have eight hex values, spaced with a “00”.
* These are your attributes.
* Change them all to whatever you want (e.g., 9F to make them all 159).
* Save.
* Load the game up.
* You now have killer starter bros.

Tips & Tricks:
* You can attack peaceful units with ctrl-click (so long as you have no active
contract). There are generally repercussions for this, though.

* Mouseover shows hit chance! Use it! (The enemy sure does).

* Mouseover does not show the chance your arrow will hit a nearby or intervening
target instead, though, just the chance of hitting that specific target.
So aim at a crowd, odds are you’ll hit something.

* You can repair gear in your inventory by alt-rightclicking on it. This is useful
for suits of spare armor or weapons you’re keeping in reserve, and if you have the
spare tools, can also increase resale value significantly.

* It’s often cheaper to buy damaged high-quality gear and repair it, instead of buying
it “new.” This is especially true for higher-end armors; a good way to boost yourself
at the start of the game is to buy damaged mail and repair it.

* If you don’t damage enemy armor, you have a much higher chance of picking it up at
the end of the fight.

There are two good ways to do this:
1.The first is to use Flails and focus on getting headshots, so that you leave the
body armor undamaged. This works well for medium skill Bros.

2.The second is throwing a dagger party. The #2 “puncture” attack on Daggers (and the
Goblin’s Notched Blade sword) will bypass armor without damaging it. It’s therefore
a good idea to have everyone carry a dagger or knife in their pocket slot; if there’s
an enemy wearing particulary nice gear, once enemy morale breaks, have everyone pull
out their knives, surround, and stab — if you completely surround someone with “Fleeing”
(White Flag) morale, they’ll just stand there passively till you bring them down.

* Get a pet Falcon and keep him on your highest-initiative ranged guy to wipe fog of war
from large battlefields.

* Dogs have many uses beyond chasing fleeing enemies. Drop a dog in front of an enemy
spearman to break their spearwall, or drop a dog and Rotate with it to make a protected

* Of course, if you feel bad about sacrificing dogs to get away, there’s always Daytalers

* Give your ranged characters Throwing Axes if you want them to do full damage vs undead
with their ranged attack skill.

* You can always haggle one time for a better quest reward, BUT each haggling attempt
lowers your reputation slightly in the town. (You can check this by comparing prices
for goods before and after. Asking for more time to think doesn’t though).

* You are much more likely to start combat in formation if you are the attacker. If
you’re attacked, you’re much more likely to start the combat out of formation and

* When on an escort caravan mission, you can stop at the towns you pass through by
clicking on them quickly as you pass by.

* Use the barber and the renaming options to help you remember what roles everyone has.

* Good archer candidates often start out with higher base melee scores due to the way
base stats work; it can be worthwhile to have them use a polearm for a few levels while
their melee skill is higher.

* Always visit the tavern when in town; you get one free rumor just by visiting, and it
might be a clue to nearby unique loot.

* You can pick up dropped items in combat (visible as the little bags) by standing over
them and opening the inventory screen. Useful for disarming zombies before they get
up again, or grabbing weapons you want to make *certain* you keep post-combat.

* The Duelist perk works with thrown weapons.

Full Taxidermist List / Recipes:
Written by LowFatMilk

-=Armours and Upgrades=-
Direwolf Pelt Mantle
3x Unusually Large Wolf Pelt - Direwolf

-=Shield *requires name*
1x Tree Sap
1x Ancient Wood *requires monster*
*requires gold amount*

-=Heavy Wardog Armour
1x Unhold Hide - Unhold

-=Wardog Armour
1x Unusually Large Wolf Pelt - Direwolf

-=Weapons and Utilities=-
Large Quiver of Bolts/Arrows - Two seperate Recipes, but have the same requirements
1x Unhold Hide - Unhold

Reinforced Throwing Net
1x Throwing Net
1x Gossamer - Webknecht

-=Trophies and Trinkets=-
Nachzehrer Trophy Necklace
2x Jagged Fangs - Nachzehrer
2x Nachzehrer Horns - Nachzehrer

-=Potions and Tonics=-
Apothecary's Miracle
1x Unhold's Heart - Unhold
1x Mysterious Herbs - Hexe
*requires gold amount*

1x Jagged Fang - Nachzehrer

Cat Potion
1x Adrenaline Gland - Direwolf
1x Parched Skin - Alp
*requires gold amount*

Iron Will Potion
1x Adrenaline Gland - Direwolf
1x Nachzehrer Brain - Nachzehrer

Night Owl Elixir
1x Third Eye - Alp
1x Witch Hair - Hexe
*requires gold amount*

Second Wind Potion
1x Adrenaline Gland - Direwolf
1x Mysterious Herbs - Hexe
*requires gold amount*

Poisoned Oil
2x Poison Gland - Webknecht

Acid Flask
1x Lyndwurm Blood - Lyndwurm
*requires gold amount*

All paints with multiple colours are a single item, not three different paints.

Black Paint
1x Petrified Scream - Alp

Orange & Red Paint
1x Unhold's Heart - Unhold

White, Green and Yellow Paint
1x Nachzehrer Horn - Nachzehrer
1x Poison Gland - Webknecht

White and Blue Paint
1x Adrenaline Gland - Direwolf
1x Nachzehrer Horn - Nachzehrer

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