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Door Kickers: Action Squad Cheat Codes - PC

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Door Kickers: Action Squad Cheat Codes - PC

Name of the file: Door Kickers: Action Squad Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

STARS CHEAT for the Early Access version:
While playing a level press the following keys in a rapid sequence:
Left Left Right Right Down Up Down Melee.

Written by Sluggy

Some of these may be obvious, but you never know who it will benefit!

* Breaching charges are basically c4s. You can use them to kill a charging machete,
or use it like frags from a 2nd floor balcony. You can also breach, move far away,
detonate the room, then use aimed shots to slowly whittle away the enemies.

* Smoke grenades are incredibly powerful, especially for characters that lack DPS.
if there is smoke between you and the enemies, they will act like you’re not there,
allowing you to shoot them without getting return fire.

* If there are too many enemies in breaching a room with slow motion, go in and go
out. It will lure some end game enemies out. Same way with elevators.

* Use cam balls to get critical bonus damage versus the big topless boss. That w
ill chew through his green healing potions. Cam ball or spy camera can also be used
to pierce through armor of shield bosses.

* You can use the breaching charge and detonate behind the shield boss’s back.
3 will do the job.

* You can use breaching charge detonation to cancel the big topless boss’s health
potion drinking.

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