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Stationeers Cheat Codes - PC

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Stationeers Cheat Codes - PC

Name of the file: Stationeers Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Stationary Battery Rush Guide (Europa):
Written by paccojl.

Main challenge on Europa early game is power supply. Batterys lose charge in low
temperatures, solar panels only 41% effective, your EVA suit drain battery faster etc.

Solid Generator in starting gear can produce 20KW, but APC can charge battery inside it
at 1KW rate only so you lose 95% of power generated.
To fix it you need to build Stationary Battery.

So this guide actually is about rushing Stationary Battery as fast as possible.

Its a good strategy for any planet, but it suits Europa more than others because of
low temperature and low solar power.

In order to build it you will need:

Stationary Battery(20 Copper, 20 Gold, 20 Steel)
made in Electronics Printer
Electronics Printer (20 Iron, 2 Gold, 10 Copper)
15 iron, 5 Coal - 20 Steel
made in Furnace
Furnace (30 Iron, 10 Copper)
6 Oxite, 3 Volatiles - Furnace fuel
0.5 Gold and 0.5 Copper for each Heavy Cable to connect Generaror to Battery
you need at least one, can do more
25 Coal for fully charge Battery

At least 40.5 Copper, 65 Iron, 22.5 Gold, 25 Coal, 6 Oxite, 3 Volatiles

You have to be fast to set up everything before your suit battery is out of charge.

Avoid using flashlight and use road flare at night to save charge.

If you dont waste time and do everything fast enough you can have fully charged b
attery by day 2 morning.

1 - Mining
New game starts at morning. Its easier to find ores durning day. So dont waste time
setting up starting base, deploy tracking beacon and use first day for mining.

Dont mine more than 2 stacks of iron and 1 stack everything else in required list or
you will run out of mining belt space (7 slots - 2 Iron, 1 Copper, 1 Coal, 1 Gold,
1 Oxite, 1 Volatile).

2 - Furnace
Once you have resources go back to lander and set up some frame platforms(3x3 square
should be enough), Arc Furnace, APC(use large battery cell) and wires.

Smelt 30 Iron and 10 Copper in Arc Furnace. You can smelt more, but its better to
save energy, and smelt remains in Furncae.
While it smelting set up Autholate.

Make Furnace in Autholate.

Set up Furnace.

3 - Steel
Prepare 6 Oxite, 3 Volatiles, 15 Iron and 5 Coal stacks.
Put Oxite in Furnace and click Activate until Input chute opens.
Put Volatiles in Furnace.
Put Coal and Iron and open Furnace.
Smelt all remaining Ores.

4 - Battery
Make Electronics Printer in Autholate and set it up.
Make Battery and some Heavy Cables.
Set up Solid Generator, Battery and connect everything.


-=What Now?
Solid Generator + Stationary Battery will cover your energy needs for early-mid game.

In most cases next step will be setting up airtight heated room for hydroponics.
Place battery inside it since it also loses charge in low temperature atmosphere.

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