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Shelter 2 Cheat Codes - PC

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Shelter 2 Cheat Codes - PC

Name of the file: Shelter 2 Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to survive: Areas – Dangers – and so much more!:
Written by loufloo

A guide focusing on how to survive. Enjoy!!!


-=Main Den Area=-
This is an area that you should surely keep to if you want to have all your cubs
survive. It is abundant with rabbits and shake able nests. It contains the den as
well. If you venture into the forest, you may find pheasants and grouses. Voles
may appear near small burrows. Nothing really to say about this one.
The only known dangers are Forest Fires, The Lonesome Fog and no one really knows
if there’s bears, but I think there are.

-=Lake Area=-
Okay, so this is an area with a big lake in the middle. Its prey are mainly rabbits,
but some deer spawn there. In winter, it is brutal there, with almost no prey. Even
if you’re on normal mode! There are also pheasants and voles there. Its dangers
are Forest Fires and The Lonesome Fog.
BONUS: If you look on the lake, you may see swans.

-=Tundra Area=-
The Tundra is treacherous with every step you take. Wolves will appear 2-3 minutes
after you first arrive. But don’t let that put you off! In the winter, prey is
scarce but still fairly abundant. Its dangers are Wolves and Polar Bears.
Those are the only ones I know of, please comment if you find more.

-=Mountains Area=-
If you don’t want spoilers for the Mountain DLC, look away now!
This place is abundant with prey all year round. There are deer, voles, pheasants,
grouses, and rabbits. There’s a beautiful waterfall there as well.
The only dangers I know of are Bears and Forest Fires, like I said.


-=The Lonesome Fog=-
Rarity: Common
Threat: 1/3
Escape this freaky fog by jumping onto plateaus or getting as high as you can.
Spawns in: Lake, Main Area

Rarity (in general, not at first time in Tundra where they come quick): Rare
Threat: 3/3
Escape their snarling mouths by jumping onto plateaus.
Spawns in: Tundra

-=Forest Fires=-
Rarity: Rare
Threat: 2/3
Escape them by slowly and calmly walking to the nearest body of water you can
stand in or open area, instead of panicking and sprinting from your cubs.
Spawns in: Lake, Mountains

-=Bears (they do not attack cubs, they attack you!)=-
Rarity: Common in Mountains, Rare in Main Den Area (if they do spawn there.)
Threat: 3/3. Does not attack cubs, but attacks you!
When a bear has spotted you, it will stand on its hind legs and roar.
Escape them by jumping onto plateaus or running behind rocks.
Spawns in: Main Den Area (i think), Mountains

Rarity: Rare
Threat: 1/3
Escape them by killing them. Your cubs can eat them.
Spawns in: All areas

Rarity: Uncommon
Threat: 2/3
Escape them by killing them. Your cubs can eat them.
Spawns in: All areas except Lake and Tundra

Rarity: Common
Chance to catch: 3/3
Spawns in: All areas

Rarity: Uncommon
Chance to catch: 2/3
Spawns in: All areas except Main Den.

Rarity: Common
Chance to catch: 3/3
Spawns in: All areas

-=Pheasants and Grouses=-
Rarity: Uncommon
Chance to catch: 1/3
Spawns in: All areas

Rarity: Common in swamps, uncommon in trees.
Spawns in: All areas (im pretty sure….)

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