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Trawel Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Trawel Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Official Fort Guide:
Written by dragon

* To start a fort, you must first purchase it from the fort hall. The fort hall
is also where most of your interaction with the fort is going to take place.
* You buy soldiers, foundations, and collect funds here.
* Every 2 weeks your fort will be attacked- if you win, you get all of the
attacker’s loot converted into gold and stored. If you lose, the attackers
take all your gold you have in that fort.
* Defensive rating decreases the first wave of attacks in each fight, while
Offensive rating increases passive gold income.
(which ticks every 12 in game hours)
* There are three tiers of foundation: small, medium, and large. Some
buildings require a certain size, while others can be built in any size.
* After purchasing a foundation with gold, you then need to provide it with a
drawbane which will dictate what building will begin construction.

Wizard Tower: Eon Stone, Large Only
Wizards have a battle skill and a downtime skill.

Scrying: Look into the future and at distant lands. Downtime.
Currently no effect.

Enchanting: Enchant armor and weapons. Downtime.
Enchant a soldier’s equipment periodically.

Death Magic: Slay attackers with spells of death and decay.
Battle. Provides magic attack support in battle.

Elementalism: Impair and expose attackers with elemental.
Battle. Provides magic attack support in battle.

Forge: Living Flame, Medium Only
Smithing: Increase weapon and armor production speed.

Watchtower: Telescope, Any Size
Increases Defensive rating greatly, as well as a small amount of Offensive rating.

Hunter’s Den: Meat, Any Size
Increases Offensive rating, as well as a small amount of Defensive rating.

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