Unfortunate Spacemen Cheat Codes

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Unfortunate Spacemen Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Unfortunate Spacemen Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Monster Tips and Tricks - General:
Written by Lime.

Here is the long awaited moment the tips on how to be a good monster.

* Try as much as you can to get the flamethrower, your biggest threat, your best ally.

* Disguise, switch disguise so often that they won't know where to look. Play as
someone who is still alive, make them do monster things and change to someone else,
change to a bot and disappear. Your best way out is to blend in and wait for a
perfect moment to escape. Stop running. Become one of them.

* You don't need to be at every power weapon grab, sure its useful, but honestly, just
find the one guy running around with the Rifle or shotgun and kill only that person,
people rarely look at what a dead person had for weapon. Go back to it later and get
it for yourself.

* Be cunning, accuse people, make them shoot you and run away, lock people in rooms.
activate airlocks. Push people into EMEs. There are so many ways to kill other than
being a giant monster in people's face, be creative, most people are gullible tell
them to stay still so you can check their name. They will stop. And you will shot.

* Egg the world, people tend to forget about this. but your egg are really good friends.
Use them as such.

* Burrow makes you a still target, do is as little as possible. If you tend to do it
too often and die change to a void beast. You'll thank me later.

* Don't be scared to transform mid fight. You have 4 times the hp of a normal spaceman.
Use it to your advantage.

* If you're spotted because of your power weapon, find a spot and drop it away from
prying eyes. You're now back to a normal spaceman looking for the monster.

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