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Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Cheat Codes - PC

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Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Cheat Codes - PC
Name of the file: Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Edit/Delete Save Game:
Guide to Cancel Save Game

* First right click on "Police Simulator: Patrol officers" on Steam library.
* Then click on properties.
* Go to "General".
* Then disable "Keep games saves in the Steam Cloud for
Police Simulator: Patrol Officers" and keep it turned off (Never turn it on again).
* When your done with that, you can find the save file here:
* C:\Users”USER”\AppData\Local\Boston\Saved\SaveGames
* Then delete your save files, and start over with a fresh new game save.

Note: Just remember to not turn On "Keep games saves in the Steam Cloud for Police
Simullator: Patrol Officers" because if you do, your old saves will appear.

Timing to Frisk, Search and Check for ID:
Written by Sergeant Yap

Most of the time you can request id from almost every suspect and witness.

-=During Accidents=-
you can request for every witness ID and also sidewalk witness as well.

-=During Robbery=-
You can request for witness id even its not necessary. You can still get bonus event s
uch as fake id user / having illegal weapon – refer search/ frisk

-=During Open Warrant=-
You can request a person after detaining them

-=During Traffic Stop=-
You can request for ID when you detain vehicle if you
-Detaining at traffic stop
-Detaining due to vehicle violation

Lastly you may also ask id for those whom violate simple rules such as

You may frisk anyone when they show suspicious behavior such as
– Looking around
– Green crumbs
– Angry
– Fearful
– Shaking

Search can only be done to those whom have committed crime / escape from arrest
All arrested suspect can be search which include

Illegal weapons / items possession
Running away from cops
Events – Assault / Robbery / Etc..

-=Drug Test=-
You may do a drug test for all the accident suspects and also vehicle detainment such as

– Accident suspects ( To increase report / get score if positive )
– Traffic stop
– Detainment for vehicle violation
– Traffic violation
*Underglow lights
*tinted windows ( BLACK )

Most of the time you dont have to do it if they don’t show sign ( EXCEPT ACCIDENTS )
– Nervous
– Red eyes
– Smells alcohol / drug

-=Vehicle Search=-
You may also conduct vehicle search when they show sign of DUI
-Green crumb
-Drug smells
-Flee from detainment
-Illegal Item Found

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