Super Bomberman R Online Cheat Codes

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Super Bomberman R Online Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Super Bomberman R Online Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Basic Guide:
Written by thebadman.

Everyone except top row of bombermen have a special ability. Characters start
with different stats and gear, some even have upgrade bans. Your starting
upgrades and stats are immune to stuns, their color is yellow. The grey stats
and upgrades can be gained over course of game when you pick them up.

-=Basic Stats=-
Bomb power
- How many tiles aside from bomb itself will deal damage.

- How many bombs you can place at same time.

- Self explainatory.

- Every player start and can have at most 2 health. When hit you will be
revived after short while. Players at single health will flash red.

Boxing glove
- Allows you to actively punch bombs 3 tiles away or 2 if they have to go over
single soft block.

Power glove
- Allows you to throw your own bombs 5 tiles away if they are at same tile as you,
if you hold the button you will carry it instead till release.

- Passively causes bombs you run into to be kicked away, they will keep sliding
till they hit something.

Rubber bomb
- Changes your bombs with abbility to bounce randomly around when falling from
something, being thrown, punched and to keep sliding in opposite direction after
being kicked and hitting a wall. Picking it will disable spiked bombs.

Spiked bombs
- Changes your bombs with abbility to blast through powerups and soft blocks.
Picking it disables rubber bombs.

- Rarely egg will spawn from soft blocks. If you take it you will have mount
that replaces your ability with quick dash till you hit a wall. Will also take
1 hit for you but prevents punching and throwing.

-=Mechanics and Other=-
- Default bomberman weapon, can be punched, kicked and thrown. When they slide or
land on powerup it will be destroyed. When they land on soft block they will only
damage it, bombs and powerups on other soft blocks. Landing on bomberman will
cause stun instead.

Soft blocks
- They sometimes contain powerups, can be destroyed with bombs. If before battle
phase there was star on tile it will be guaranteed to drop powerup. Bombs and
powerups can land on top of them.

Hard blocks
- Between empty and soft block tiles, cannot be destroyed and bombs on them will
bounce off.

Lockdown blocks
- Instantly remove ALL health from bombermen that touch them, aside from that they
behave like hard blocks. They appear in closed maps at the end of movement phase
and final battle after some time.

Spawn protection
- After being hit you will respawn if you had spare life, you will not take damage
for quite some time assuming you do not place bombs, punch them or kick them.

- Character hit by bomb will be briefly stunned, unable to move and will drop 1
stat/upgrade that is not immune(Character starts with it), if they have any.

Map borders
- Block movement but not bouncing, thrown and punched bombs, which will appear on
opposite side of map instead. 1st battle blocks bombs for 30 seconds.

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Updated: 2021.07.04

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