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Yu Escape Monday Cheat Codes - PC

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Yu Escape Monday Cheat Codes - PC
Name of the file: Yu Escape Monday Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Walkthrough Guide (Official):
Written by Team Tailnut

* Switch on the Power Strip besides the bed. This turns on the Slotmachine and
the Apple Computer
* Look behind the Picture Frame on the table left of the door.
There, you’ll find a Key.
* Use the Key to open the Closet.
* Search the waste bin and take out the Heart Key.
* Use the heart key to open the heart box inside the closet and take out
the USB Stick.
* Insert the USB Stick into the Apple computer.
The Apple Screen now displays a big fat 1 (and a small apple).
* The first fruit is an apple.

* Inspect the clothing combination in the Closet: A red wig, a blue bustier
and a beige body.
* Inspect Yu’s Box. Inside, find the stamp with the girl that has that specific
color combination. She holds a Banana. The stamp costs 2ct.
* The second fruit is a banana.

* Inspect the Slotmachine. The picture shows this equation: 7 – banana = cherry.
* Subtract the banana’s value (2) from 7 to get 5.
* The fifth fruit is a cherry.

* Press the Hidden Button on the right wall. A Safe is revealed on the left wall.
* Gather the Poster Half from under Shi’s bed and complete the torn Poster.
* The Safe needs the correct combination. Look at the color stripe below the
safe door and compare it to the Poster with the fruit ice.
* There’s 1 melon, 2 plums, 8 raspberries and 0 yellow fruits.
The combination is 1280.
* Inside the safe, you’ll find a Coconut. Use it on the nutcracker.
* Inside the coconut is a message: Before the red fruit comes a violet fruit!
The only red fruit that can have something before it is the cherry.
* The fourth fruit is a (violet) aubergine.

* Inspect the book on Shi’s Bedside Table. Inside, you’ll find a message:
The pear comes in either third or fourth place.
* We already know the fourth place is an aubergine.
* The third fruit is a pear.

-=The correct combination is=-
* Apple
* Banana
* Pear
* Aubergine
* Cherry

And that’s it! Have fun with Shi!

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