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Blood of Steel Cheat Codes - PC

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Blood of Steel Cheat Codes - PC
Name of the file: Blood of Steel Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips for Archers:
Written by ??-sigmar

In NA servers, I notice many people do not understand how to play archers. Many
people just hate their archer teammate. However, a successful archer player has
the ability to lead the whole war. In the very first, Archer needs infantry's
protect. Infantry player pls stay around your archer.

-=Some Tips for Balian and Philip II Players=-
* The shields on your crossbowmen's backs are not merely for show. Turn your
backs on your enemy when reloading.
* Before using volley fire, use F2 to let your archers form up into columns
perpendicular to the enemy before letting loose."
* In the situation of a ranged shootout. When the back-shield is given to the
enemy, you can wait for a while even if the loading is completed. Wait until
the opposite arrow hit your shield and then turn your ass to shoot back.
* Use "~" watch enemy location, and use it to help you to take the next aim and

-=Balian Tips=-
* Balian's building can attract enemy troops, so use it to block enemy when
your run away.
* Suggestion of the building's location has have 4, that 2 in front and 2 in mid
of your troops.
* Balian's shield can not defend his head, so you can shoot Balian's fat head to
kill him no matter which side.
* When you already in fire of enemy, stop build your stuff and play yourself as

Liang Hongyu Guide:
Written by Byakuya11th

This guide is about various ways how to play Liang Hongyu, her strengh, her
weakness and how to have a lot of fun. I hope it will help you guys to get a
better understanding of the hero because there is some stuff that most player
dont use.

-=Hero Introduction=-
Liang Hongyu is a midranged crossbow hero.

She wields the said crossbow aswell as a twohand sword as her secondary weapon.

She can command fire like most ranged units as her 3.

Her 4 shoots an oilbomb tied to an arrow and spreads fire on the targeted area
dealing damage over time.

By pressing 5 you are using the sprint ability.

Her passives are:

-=Focus Fire=-
Youre reducing the cooldown time of the oilbomb arrow by 2 seconds if you hit a
unit and by 4 seconds if you kill a unit.

-=Horse Bane=-
Liang Hongyu and her units are dealing more damage on cavallery units with swords.

-=Using the Crossbow=-
You might have difficulties dealing the needed amount of damage with her.

-=If so then you either=-
Use her to snipe since sniping is not recommend for crossbows usually.
Aim like with most ranged heros slightly above the head.

Since her crossbow does push upwards when shooting you might want to make sure,
that you aim for the torso or the legs depending the distance to hit the enemy
with all 3 arrows rather than one.

You aswell want to make sure, that you distance yourself maximum midrange, but i
prefer to go nealry melee range with her. why will be explaned later in this guide.

Her units deal very strong damage on close to midrange. If you dont want to shoot
a specific area. Dont use fire on command (3). You deal way more damage if you let
them shoot by themself.

-=Your Melee Weapon=-
Honestly - at the moment i am making the most kills with liang hongyu in melee

Her weapon got nearly the same stats as Mulans or Hanzos. Which means you do hit
hard and fast with her in melee combat.

Im not scared of melee or cavallery that much with her as with other ranged heroes.

If an enemy infantry unit like Yu Ji, Mulan, Frederick or whatever is approaching
you , leave your units in ranged mode, create some distance and make sure youre
crossbow is reloaded just in case.

Switch to your melee weapon and usually the enemy will approach you happily since
they think a archer in melee is a free kill.

What most of them dont know are your weapon stats since noboy is using archer much
in melee combat.

Let your units shoot the enemy and charge in melee combat yourself. Keep luring
the enemy hero into melee range and kill them.

It works. i killed Baldwin, Mulan, Hanzo, Zhang Bao, Yu Ji or whatever so far
without problems.

If the enemy hero tries to escape either shoot him or chase him with your sprint
and its all good.

As already mentioned crossbows usually are short to midrange damage dealers.

If you want to snipe : get an archer. Crossbows loose too much dmg on long range.

I usually position myself 10 - 20 meters far away from the enemy units.
Shooting into their sides or back .

Make sure too keep your Oilbomb arrow on cooldown and shoot it into troops fighting
your frontline.

If youre getting chased early on by a cavallery unit make sure to place yourself
with the back to a wall , mountaiin, fence or anything alike since it might stop
the enemy cavallery while they are charging you and you can kill their units with
your extra dmg on horses.

I hope you got some new insights regarding Liang Hongyu and enjoy your upcoming
melee batles.

Trajan Guide:
Written by Elfie

Trajan, one of the newly added heroes. Some say he is underpowered, some say he
is imba. Where is the truth? Lets look at Trajan in depth

I made both text and video version of this guide.

-=Trajan Hero=-
Trajan is a Skrimisher-type hero. To summarize, his crowning features:

Able to fire volley, like an archer.
Has shields.
Constantly regenerate HP and ammo (of both humself and his unit).
Very high ranged damage.
Javelins effective against shields.

And his downsides:

Total ammo count is not much (but it replenishes so that is not a big deal).
Not skills to boost movement or something.
Does not benefit from other archers 20% ranged dmg reduction.
Only 24 troop count, and no way to replenish dead ones.

-=How He Plays=-
Being a skrimisher, he does exactly just that - skrimish. When playing him, it
is important to keep an eye on your troops hp. Yes, he has only 24 units, but they
can regenerate fully and fast. Also, constant ammo replenish gives his squad
basically unlimited ammo.

So what you do - you do not commit into melee fully. You shower your enemy with
Javelins, then disengage, regen, and go back to the fight. Rinse and repeat until
the enemy is dead.

This also means, he shines the most in late game, where he can make the most of
his constant HP and ammo regen.

What I would NOT recommend - is playing him as an archer - he lacks ranged dmg
reduction like other archers, and his unit accuracy over long distance is abysmal.
Not to mention he has to replenish ammo after a few volleys. Even his full ammo
set will not be enough to kill most archers. Despite having shields, he will most
likely lose to most archers over long distance.

Trajan is all about smartplay - move in, move out, and strike enemy where it hurts
them the most.

-=Is He Worth Buying?=-
I'd say definitely. In the right hands, he is insanely strong & fun at the same
time. Trajan gives you versatility, few other heroes do.

However, keep him out of prolonged melee fights - against proper melee heroes, he
will be massacred, same with archers.

He also can be a good answer for the teams who don't care about protecting archers -
Trajan can act as semi-archer, but the one that is able to protecting himself in
melee (e.g. against assasins). If you are tired of being abandoned to assasins by
your team as an archer - Trajan is definitely a remedy here.

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