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Dominions 5 Cheat Codes - PC

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Dominions 5 Cheat Codes - PC
Name of the file: Dominions 5 Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips & Tricks:
1) Commanders have a leadership value which determines how many squads you
can lead. However, this is not a set limit. Let’s say you can lead 2 squads,
you can actually lead more than that. However, this comes at the cost of a
morale penalty for all your troops. That said, you CAN add one additional
squad without a morale penalty, but only if it has 5 or less units in it.
If you set their battle orders to ‘guard commander’, they don’t count as an
additional squad, and they will forever stick with your commander and protect
him/her. Very useful, especially when the commander is a squishy mage or

2) Your mages/priests will have a wide selection of spells and will choose
to cast what they think is best. However, you will probably not always
agree with them. You actually have some control over what they cast.
To do this, go to your mage’s province, click army setup, and then
"set battle orders". There you can click on ‘cast a specific spell’ to set
which spells should be cast in the first couple of turns of the game.

3) Let’s say you’ve set the spells to be cast by your mage. Now you have
15 mages left to set all the orders with because you decided to go mage
heavy. Instead of clicking and setting commands for all of them, you can
copy the orders of the first mage to the other ones. To do this, hover
over one of their orders, press CTRL-1. Then, hover over "set battle
orders"> for the other mage and press 1. This will copy all the commands.

4) When you take over a region and then leave again, the region can
easily be taken over by single scouts, or even some random events. To
prevent this from happening, always leave some defenses. To do this,
click on the region, and in the top of the screen click on ‘Defence:
0 +/-‘. Here you can produce a standing army for not a lot of money.
The cost of each additional troop is increased by 1 every time you
click on the +. Once you have 10 defence value, you’ll start reducing
unrest. Once you get to 15, you’ll also have patrol strength, which
means your defending units will try to find scouts/spies/assassins
every turn and root them out.

5) There’s a couple of options in the preferences you might want to turn
on. First of all ‘give orders to new commanders automatically’ puts mages
to research immediately instead of defend when they get produced. ‘Warn
on end turn’ makes sure you don’t forget about commanders, as you will get
a warning at the end of the turn if a commander is idle. Multi-turn movement
allows you to set movement orders that will take more than one turn to
complete. Lastly there’s ‘show tips when starting game’. This puts tips
in the main menu. You can cycle through these with ‘t’.
Very useful ones in there!

6) When you have troops with the ‘sacred’ attribute, you can bless them
with priests. Blessing gives a +1 morale. However, you can increase the
effectiveness of the Bless spell when creating your pretender. Once he
has 4 or more in one magic path, you can spend points under ‘bless effects’
in order to add effects to the bless spell. Let’s say you have 4 in air
and 5 in earth, then you would have 4+5 points to spend on bless effects.
This can get quite crazy quite fast.

7) Let’s say you’ve hit someone, and your troop has a damage of 20 and
they have a protection of 15. In most games this would mean you would do
20-15=5 damage. Here, both roll 2 dice. Let’s say you roll 4+2 = 6. This
gets added to the damage. The defender rolls 5+6. Instead of 11 being
added to the protection, we have what they called an ‘open ended 2d6 roll’.
This means the 6 is turned to a 5 (so now we have 5+5), but you get to
roll another die. Let’s say this is 6 again. It gets turned into a 5
again (5+5+5), and you roll again. This time it’s a 4. Therefore, your
damage was 20+4+2 = 26, but the protection is 15+5+5+5+4=34.
Now the protection is higher than the damage, so no damage is done.
This means that very weak troops still have a chance of hitting and
damaging your pretender, so watch out!

8) When giving orders to troops, there are options such as attack
rearmost enemy or attach archers. However, there’s no option saying
‘attack commander’ or ‘attach mage’. Therefore, if you have a mage in
your army, it might be good to put them a little bit in front of your
rear units (e.g. archers), or put a block of units behind the mage,
so when they are walking forward, they can intercept the flying units
landing on top of the mage.

9) Spells require certain skill levels. If you have death2, that means
you have 2 skill levels in death magic. However, skills with e.g. 3
skulls need 3 levels of death magic. In order to increase it you can
click on a mage and press empower. Here you can spend gems to increase
skill levels. First skill level is 50 gems. Afterwards it’s 15xtarget
level (so from level 2 to 3 would be 45 gems). If you don’t have enough
gems of the type you want. You can click on the mage and then ‘alchemy’.
This allows you to turn gems into astral pearls (2 gems per pearl), and
then turn those pearls into gems of a different type (2 pearls per gem).
This means it will cost you 4 gems to increase an other gem by 1.
Very expensive, but can be worth it.

How to Buff Air Elementals:
Written by Shinuyama

Buffed Air Elementals are obviously pretty good. If you want to ride the Iron
Whirlwind though you may have noticed that mages hate buffing air elementals
and will buff pretty much anything else if they can. This is how you make them
do it.

-=Turn 0=-
Have absolutely nothing in range of the buff spell other than the mages casting
buffs and the mages summoning elementals. Place all mages into each others'
squares, such that they buff each other with aoe1 buffs when cast.

-=Turn 1=-
The buff mages cast the buffs they want to cast on air elementals, on each other
(in a simple situation, all mages are size 2 and in groups of 3 - earth mages cast
Iron Warriors on all the squares of mages, including the elemental summoners).
The Air Elemental Summoners start casting air elementals (completing their cast
0.62.5% through the round, and finishing their cast at 1.25% - 25% into turn 2).

-=Turn 2=-
When turn 1's air eles appear, they'll 'fly up' but still count as being on the
square they flew from for one full turn. The buff mages now buff the air eles.
Everything else in range must have the buffs, or be a 'worse' target than a 14hp
single-per-square air elemental that mages just seem to hate buffing. So ideally,
everything else already has Iron Warriors or Quickness or whatever you're casting
and the mage is forced to target an air ele (perhaps while swearing at how his
powerful spell is being 'wasted' on some kind of ??? local breeze gust and how do
we even know if it's actually helping us at all anyway).

Note: If you have too many buff mages, some will change what they casting. This is
fine if it is a random spell like Iron Will or Blade Wind, but if they default to
a summoning spell, that will potentially cause the others to redirect their spells
to those new summoned units - Horde of Skeletons or Raise Dead or w/e, and then
not buff the air elementals. Thus if your mages default to summoning spells then
you must not have 'too many' buff casters and do the math to figure out 'exactly
how many' you need.

-=Turn 3=-
More of the same. Turn 2's air eles will be buffed by buff mages, and air ele
summoners will start making more air eles to be buffed on turn 4. It's very rare
that you have air mages powerful enough to do this, and usually it's something
like a4 eagle kings with a storm and summon stormpower doing this.

-=Turn 4=-
There is a bit of a hiccup on turn 4. The air eles (if you're still summoning
them somehow) will only appear after turn 5 has started, meaning the buff guys
won't buff them (they'll change spells due to having no targets for the buffs
and will instead cast Blade Wind or Horde of Skeletons or whatever they feel like).
The 125% cast time has slowly but surely caught up with you. This means that the
only way to buff air eles cast on turn 4 (who pop out like 10% into turn 5) is
to use longer cast time spells one some buff mages (like Mist or something) so
they too are behind the times and thus start casting like 20% into turn 5 or
whatever. Something like Mist -> Iron Warriors -> Iron Warriors -> Iron Warriors
-> Iron Warriors would result in the last spell in that list being started to
cast 50% through turn 5, aka turn 5.5, which means the air ele would exist to
be buffed etc.

-=Turn 5=-
If you absolutely feel that buffed Air eles are required in even the 5th slot
of a script, you will need longer cast time spells (potentially multiple) or
spells that cause mages to fall unconscious and only 'wake up' in time to cast
buff spells on air eles at the exact right moment.

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