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Pale Lands VR Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Pale Lands VR Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Weapons (Tips & Tricks):
Written by BiNAREE, Inc

Tips & tricks for handling zombie encounters in the world of Pale Lands VR.
This guide covers all the weapons you can wield against the undead!

-=Wasteland Alert!=-
Welcome back survivors. We sure are glad that ya keep fighting 'n surviving.
We all thought that last scrap was gonna be our last, but you, well, you
pulled through. You've bought us a little more time. We've even gotten word

Wait. Listen, this is strictly confidential so don't go sharing with the others.
Gotta keep morale up. Anyway, one of the scouts came back the other night.
Turns out she didn't find no human settlements. She did find some ugly new zombie
we ain't never seen before. Spooked her right good.
We'll share the details more when we get 'em.

The gist of all this; keep studying, keep practicing.
That's the only way we're gonna win this.

The pistols are gonna be your go to weapon. They are fast, easy to use, and
great when you need a precise shot. Aim for the heads and drop the zombies bam,
bam, bam. We got plenty of ammo lying around so no need to sweat the bullets.
Spray and pray I say.

Ammo: 12
Reload: Aim the controller upwards, above your head
Shoot: Use the trigger button on the controller

The longbow is my personal favorite of our weapon stash. The longbow takes
some skill and a bit of stamina, but taking down some giant with a bow is so
satisfying. Give it a try just be sure to account for the distance to your

Ammo: Unlimited
Shoot: Place the controllers together ? Hold the trigger on the string hand ?
Pull back on the string while holding the trigger ? Aim ? Release the trigger
to shoot

-=Customized Arrows=-
While the longbow on its own is fun, try sticking your arrow into a thing and
really up your archer game. Nothing like launching a chicken leg into a group
of zombies and watchin' 'em squabble over it. Well, except then shooting a
stick o' dynamite at 'em! BOOM!

Attach: Aim the tip of a ready arrow and "stick" the item to attach to the arrow

-=In Development=-
We here at Pale Lands are hard at work coming up with clever and new ways we can
take out zombies. Our labs are full of experiments, plus some zombie cadavers.
Today, I'm happy to share some of our advancements with you, but not the cadavers.
We hope to get these new weapons ready and approved for field use ASAP.

-=The Crowbar=-
It's just your plain, ordinary, everyday crowbar. A no brainer for brain bashing!
The problem we've encountered is they tend to get stuck, which can leave you in
a sticky situation. Once we iron out this kink these babies will be ready for

-=Frozen Marlin=-
It's a frozen marlin. Please don't ask how we got 'em, but we got 'em.
Unfortunately, they were froze too long and are no good for eatin'. They are
good for pokin', well, once we make 'em just a bit easier to hold on to.
Just be sure to use the pointy end!

-=Pepper Shaker=-
Curious enough, zombies have developed an enhanced olfactory system. We aim
to turn this against them with our most efficacious agent, a pepper shaker.
Preliminary tests have been positive, but we need a little more time in the
lab before you can comfortably go trotting off to battle with a belt full of

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Updated: 2021.02.10

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