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Project 5: Sightseer Cheat Codes - PC

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Project 5: Sightseer Cheat Codes - PC
Name of the file: Project 5: Sightseer Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All of these commands require creative mode to be on.

Command Effect
/res - list nearby resources.
/biomes - list biomes underneath the player vehicle.
/goto - teleport to given coordinates.
/goto - teleport to the player with the given name.
/time - set the current time of day to provided time and stop time from passing.
/time - enable time passing.
/rain - set the rain to be
/add - give yourself of .
/exe - {requires enabled executable code} run given .
/exeFile - {requires enabled executable code} run the given file.

Faction Commands:
leave current faction. This will abandon all your outposts and reset research,
however you get to keep the vehicle with its inventory.

start a coup, trying to become the new leader after a server-configured time
(I believe default is 2 weeks). Requires others to vote in your favour.

/createFaction [faction name]
create a new faction (you must not already be in one).

/inviteFaction [player name]
{requires officer rank} invite a player to your faction
(the player must not already be in one).

/kickFaction [player name]
attempt to kick a player from your faction.

/renameFaction [new faction name
{requires ownership of the faction} rename your current faction.

/promote [player name]
attempt to promote a player.

/demote [player name]
attempt to demote a player.

/war [faction name]
declare war on a faction if at peace or make peace otherwise.

/war2 [faction name]
answer to /war from the other faction.

/ally or /alliance [faction name]
toggle alliance with a given faction.

/ally2 [faction name]
answer to /ally from the other faction.

-=To do=-
Invite friends to your faction by right clicking on the friend’s name
in the Tab window, which lists the population of the server.

Coordinate with your friends to Pokemon all the resources and set up trade
routes to ship the materials not present in the HQ, to the HQ. This allows
all research to take place there uninterrupted, but also gives a location
that will always have the resources to build what you need or have newly

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