Mount Blade With Fire and Sword Cheat Codes

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Mount Blade With Fire and Sword Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Mount Blade With Fire and Sword Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

Open the launcher, select “Configure”, and click the “Game” tab. Check the “Enable Cheats” box, and click the “OK” button. Then, enter one of the following codes at the indicated screen to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Note: Steam achievements become disabled when you enable cheats in the launcher.

Ctrl + X
Adds 1,000 Thaler – Do code in the Inventory Screen

Ctrl + X
Adds 1,000 Experience points – Do code in the Character Screen

Ctrl + L
Faster leveling – Do code in Character Screen (Adds 1 level per click)

Ctrl + W
Increase all Weapon Proficiencies – Do code in the Character Screen

Ctrl + X
Upgrade selected unit – Do code in Party Screen

Ctrl + T
See everything except the hideouts on the map – Do code on the Map Screen

Ctrl + Left Mouse Button
Teleport party – Code can only be done on the Map Screen

Ctrl + Left Mouse Button
Upgrade unit to what is clicked – Do code during Battles

Ctrl + H
Restore Health – Do code during Battles

Ctrl + Shift + H
Heal your horse – Do code during Battles

Ctrl + F3
Damage yourself – Do code during Battles

Hold Ctrl + Shift and press F4
Knocks a single random enemy during battle unconcious – Do code during Battles

Ctrl + Alt + F4
Renders all Enemy troops unconcious – Do code during Battles

Ctrl + Shift + F4
Enemies that are seen during being zoomed in will be knocked unconcious – Do code during Battles

Ctrl + F5
The AI will control your character – Do code during Battles

Ctrl + F6
Knocks a single random ally – Do code during Battles

Ctrl + F9
Slow motion toggle – Do code during Battles
All Merchant Achievements in 30 Minutes

Written by Arkabanjo (not found)

A guide to getting all trading achievements in 30 minutes, to include wheeled merchant, trader, and great trader.

Market Manipulation
We will get three achievements in 30 minutes using market manipulation following these 10 steps:

Before you attempt this, ensure you do not have any cheats activated. This would disable your ability to get the achievements.

Step 1: Accumulate 10,000 Thaler and a few points in the trade and inventory management skills. Tip: If you just started the game you could do a few collect taxes missions and keep the funds as a loan to get your merchant empire started.

Step 2: Start buying any Velvet you find to stockpile it in your inventory. This works with other goods too but I recommend Velvet. Tools, Furs, Oils, Powder, Leatherwork, or any good with a high sale price will work. If you stockpile 10 velvet you will get the Velvet Commander achievement as a bonus. Velvet is hard to find but has the highest profit margin after you use market manipulation.

Step 3: Once you have 10 Velvet, sell them to the goods trader of a city. This drives the buying price of that good down for your caravan. The city does not have to produce the good for this to work.

Step 4: Save, then talk to the mayor about trade. Select send a caravan. Select Velvet, they should be at about 200 Thaler each. Then select medium caravan for 10 goods (or higher if available).

Step 5: Send your caravan to the city that pays at least 1,000 for Velvet. This is unique for every game, so you may have to load and try a few different cities. In general, the longer the travel the higher the price, but that is not always true.

Step 6: Accompany your caravan. Do not let bandits attack it. Use Ctrl+Space to speed up the travel. This does not count as a cheat for the game, it is just a time saving measure.

Step 7: Save the game right before you get to the city.

Step 8: After your caravan arrives you should get the Wheeled Merchant achievement (3000 Thaler profit or more). If you do not get this achievement, go back to Step 5.

tep 9: Repeat. Load the game and let the caravan arrive as many times until you get the trader and great trader achievements. You should get 10,000 Thaler for your caravan of 10 velvet, with about 8,000 profit. The total income counts for this, so you need to load 10x times for the trader and 100x times for the great trader achievement. If you spent extra time at the beginning and collect 15 or 20 velvet for your inventory you can speed this process up to 50. Be aware: The Great Trader achievement’s status progress is broken but works regardless.

Step 10: Get the achievements. I have tried this with regular caravans for multiple hours before discovering that you can just sell your goods into the goods trader inventory and increase your profit margin. This is by far the fastest way to get these achievements.
Honest Merchant

You can do this without loading the game if you would like to be a honest merchant, you just have to be willing to commit significantly more time. The process is the same as the loading merchant, but you will have to repeat steps 1-8 multiple times with several different goods. It will take signicantly longer but will still be faster than just selecting the best prices available at the time for your caravans, escpecially for the great trader achievement.

How to Make Infinite Money

Money in Mount and Blade Warband was typically easy to acquire via bandit hunting and slave trading. Once money was acquired it could be invested in gear and troops to fight stronger and more valuable bandits, or into businesses so that eventually you could focus on war over money grinding.

In WFAS the bandits barely give any money, with their guns your troops have a high mortality rate and you will frequently be KOd if you get in the thick of it without top tier armour, equipment is about 5x more expensive than in Warband, slaves are difficult to capture and worth very little, villagers are packing heat so raiding just isnt worth it, and businesses no longer exist

Trade is about as effective at making money as before, except for powder trading which feels like an exploit. Caravans are a new addition which were amazing at first but since have been nerfed into uselessness. Many guides will recommend caravans but they’re all pre-nerf.

In Warband taxes from fiefs were usually considerably less than the cost of the garrisons. The main point was to store troops for military campaigns and villages were a more lucrative source of tax income, though even then they gave very little. They give a LOT more money in WFAS, and once you deduct troop wages for the garrison you’ll still make about as much in taxes from a prosperous town as you could from 20 silk businesses in Native. They’re really worth it this time, it’s just getting to that stage that can be difficult.

While businesses are gone, you can now store money in banks to generate interest. This is at a rate of 14% per week. Since silk businesses cost 10k to start up and gave approx 500 per week in Warband this means the banks are about 3x more effective than businesses were. So if you can generate a few hundred thousand and bank it then you can rely on the interest to fund your campaigns, and with 1mil in the bank can buy special equipment for yourself and your companions and soldiers!

The main ways of generating money that will be covered in each section are:

1) Trade – Same deal as Warband but I will list the price margins of each item.

2) Powder – This trade good is special and by far the most effective means of early money making.

3) Taxes – About 20x higher than in Warband! I’ll walk you through how to get a nice town fast and protect it for 20,000 in takes per week (after some investment)

4) Interest – If you can get to the point where your weekly interest excedes your spending then you have effectively infinite money.

As an extra note: I recommend that after you’ve saved a bit of money you pick up a low level companion. Do some caravan escort quests to level them up a bit and give them charisma/trade. 3-4 trade is fine and will greatly increases your profits. If bandits attack your caravan don’t bother trying to defend it, just go get another quest. You can defend the caravans but you’ll need some good soldiers which costs money in recruitment, training and gear that your probably don’t have at such an early point, and you shouldn’t have to do that many just to get the first few levels on a lvl 1 companion anyway.
Selling general goods

Average price for goods at 0 trade. Buy goods for less than this price and sell them for more!

Oil: 400
Salt: 220
Linen: 180
Fish: 50
Beer: 100
Wool Cloth: 240
Flour: 50
Spice: 800
Velvet: 950
Wine: 200
Dried Meat: 70
Iron: 220
Dyes: 180
Bread: 30
Leather: 180
Pottery: 90
Hemp: 140
Tools: 400
Vodka: 300

All you need to do is find a town that sells large quantities of an item, typically 9+, as those will be the cheapest, then buy a few of them and sell them somewhere they are worth more than the listed price.
Selling Powder

Black powder that is, not white!

Most towns sell powder, the stock varies from town to town. Azaq-kale in the SE corner is a special case as it typically has large quantities of powder (and spice) for cheap.

Unlike the other trade goods you should buy any powder you see in towns. You will very rarely see it in villages. You then sell the powder to castles. Be aware that not all castles appear to be castles, some of them look like towns but are actually castles. I’ll list the towns here, I suggest you write them down:










Azaq-kale (much powder!)

You can sell them in any castle. Powder can be bought for 100-250 and at 0 trade the price range are usually around 600, 800 or 1000! I would suggest not selling powder for less than 800 unless your inventory is starting to get full as supply is considerably lower than demand. You tend to get 3-4x your investment for every powder you sell, this will remain a core part of your financial gains and I would suggest just keeping things simple and only trading in powder. 80% of my early game profits came from powder and I feel like I needn’t have bothered with anything else.

Taxes – Milking the proletariat

All fiefs give taxes but cities give the best of all. I typically get in the region of 20,000 taxes a week from a single town that has most of it’s buildings and staff purchased. They do however require substantial investment to get started but considering the low price of troops wages it’s recommended to get started early.

Gather 50-100k money from selling powder. Go to the polish mercenary camp and buy a single mercenary horseman, than choose to change his equipment and buy top of the range armour, a kelkan shield and saber (kelkan is much lighter and faster than steel), a fast horse and some kind of musket (not a carbine, you don’t want them trying to shoot from horseback)

Now buy as many of these uber horsemen as you can and join a faction that isn’t Crimea, if you can’t join properly then join as a merc. Now go hunting lords with your monster cavalry force, just start the fight, line them up and charge. If the enemy makes a wagon circle then use the map and click behind the camp to move your force there before charging, there’s, a gap behind the wagon wall they can get through!

Doing this you will get lots of renown which increases your army size and chances of being recruited. Join a faction, preferably Cossacks, then go siege one of the Crimean cities, preferably Azaq-Kale. Crimeans use bows with their muskets, and bows suck without high power draw, so your heavily armoured dismounted cavalry will easily cleave through them.

Your leader will probably give the city to you, if not then pick another or take the city back after Crimea sieges it again. Once the city is yours dump all your cavalry in the roster and go buy a ton of mercs from the cossack camp, doesnt matter the type, and dont bother upgrading them you only need numbers to deter a siege and you want to keep them cheap

When your garrison is at about 400 you can stop, the garrison will automatically generate more soldiers.

Continue doing your powder runs and use the money to develop the city. Just talk to the mayor and pick buildings and appointing people and try to get everything and everyone built and hired. Your city will be poor because you sieged it but over time it will build in wealth and prosperity, and Azaq’Kale in particular is a very wealthy town. Be sure to deposit your cash in the merchant guild once you have built it for super interest. You can also buy custom equipment for cheap in a city you own!

And if you are feeling especially greedy you could go and grab up another town! Just be aware it gets tedious clicking through all the staff wages screens every week.

Once a Merchant Guild has been built you can store your money there for safe keeping and interest. I’ve heard that if a city is taken by a rival faction they take all your money from the bank but I cannot confirm this. I have never seen Azaq-Kale sieged by anyone but me, even after 1000 days, and if you yourself control it you can ensure the protection of your money.

Interest is 14% per week. If you have 100,000 stored then it’s 14k per week. If you have 1million stored then it’s 140k per week! Custom mercenaries and gear orders are VERY expensive but if you can work your way up to 1mil then you will never need to worry about money again, the interest will pay for everything!

There is one thing I need to say about this though. The actual process of adding money is very misleading. When you click to add money to the bank it puts all of the money you are holding into the bank. So if you then click -2000 you aren’t putting 2000 into the bank, you’re taking 2000 out! At first I was trying to put everything in except 5000 for powder trading and started thinking there was a maximum of 5000 per bank when in fact I was putting all my money in and then taking all but 5k out! Don’t get confused like I did, just click to add money then click -2000 a few times.

So, in a nutshell:

1) Get money through letter delivery, tax collecting or caravan escorting. 1k will do.

2) Buy powder from the listed towns. Sell to any castle for 800+ (you should buy some cheap horses with your early profits to keep in your inventory and keep the weight of the powder from slowing you down)

3) Optionally trade in other things as well.

4) Save up 100k then get a well geared polish merc cav army, farm renown, join a faction and capture Azaq-Kale.

5) Garrison Azaq-Kale, develop city while powder trading.

6) Collect taxes from Azaq-Kale, continue powder trading, deposit most of your money in merchant guild in your town to generate interest.

7) Optional: Capture more towns for more tax revenue (warning, it gets really annoying to click through all the staff wage windows at the end of the week!)

8) Get to point where interest excedes expenditures, you now have effectively infinite money!

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