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TABG Cheat Codes
Name of the file: TABG Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

This guide is to tell you about all grenades, attachments, guns, melee, shields, tips and tricks to us.


UMP-45 - Good damage, low ammo capacity.
Vector - It is good if you can hit headshots.
P90 - Same as Vector just more ammo basically.

Uzi's and Pistols

Mac-10 - Decent ammo capacity not for long range.
Tec-9 - Same as mac-10 and Low kickback.
MP5-K - Mac-10 with slight increase in damage basically.
Beretta 93R - 3 round burst is very affective.
Flintlock - 1 hit in body very affective if accurate, slow reload.
Glock 18C - Full auto Glock, pretty good with body or headshots.
M1911 - Good damage if you can hit shots in body or head, only 7 bullets.
Revolver - Aim for body and spam, good damage.
Desert Eagle - 2-3 hit kill, close range is affective.
Luger-P08 - Same as Revolver.
Tazer - Good for a get-away, lasts 6 seconds.

Automatic Rifles

AUG - Good if accurate, has scope.
MP-44 - Great damage, slow fire rate.
SCAR-H - Great damage, low kickback.
M16 - Burst-fire spamming is great.
AK-47 - Very low kickback, great damage.

Shotguns (Close Quarters Combat)

AA-12 - Fully automatic, but slow fire rate.
Double Barrel - 2 bullets, great damage.
Mossberg-500 - Good damage, slow fire rate.
Blunderbuss - Great damage, close range.


Taser Crossbow - Good for long range, Stun is 3 seconds.
Automatic Crossbow - 3-4 bolts is a kill somewhat long-range.
Crossbow - One bolt, instant kill if shot in body/head.

Sniper Rifles

Musket - 1 shot in body/head.
Winchester Model 1886 - 2-3 shot kill.
Kar98K - 2 shot kill, long reload.
Garand - 2-3 shot kill, fast fire rate.
M14 - 3-4 shot kill, Automatic.
Barret - 1-2 shot kill, fast fire rate.
AWP - 1 shot kill body, slow fire rate.
VSS - Silenced, and 8x scope with full auto, 2-4 shot kill.

Machine Guns

AKS-74U - 3-4 shot kill.
M1a1-Thompson - 2-4 shot kill, good damage.
MP-40 - 2-4 shot kill, slow fireate, great damage.
PPSH-41 - 3-5 shot 0kill, 75 bullets, Silenced.


Mini Gun - 150 bullets, huge kickback, but good.
Browning M2 - 500 bullets, decent damage, big kickback.
MG-42 - High damage, 50 bullets.
M1918-BAR - High damage, 20 bullets.
Rocket Launcher - 1 hit kill on hit, knockback.


Shallow Pot - 1 hit headshot,3 hit body.
Katana - 1 hit kill.
Cleaver - 2 hit headshot, 3 body.
Baton - 2 hit headshot, 3 body.
Crowbar - 2 hit headshot, 3-4 body, strong knockback.
Rapier - 2 hit headshot, 3-4 body, decent knockback.
Sabre - 2 hit headshot, 3-4 body, decent knockback.
Viking Axe - 2 hit headshot, 3-4 body, strong knockback.
Jarl Axe - 1-2 hit kill, really strong knockback.
Crusader Sword - 2-3 hit kill, decent knockback.
Knife - 2 hit headshot, 3-4 body.


Ballistic Shield - Crouching covers front, looking up can block shot from above, covers back when holstered.
Riot Shield - Covers about half of your body, not great in gun fights.
Clear Riot Shield - Doesnt cover your shoulders quite enough, best shield.


Cage - Makes a sphere cage for 6 seconds where you throw it.
Dummy - Makes an indestructible decoy for 25 seconds.
Grenade - Goes boom.
Implosion - Pulls enemy into it.
Knockback - Knocks back enemy, does little damage.
Smoke - Makes a decent sized cloud of smoke, 20 seconds.
Splinter - Shoots ricocheting bullets all off walls around it.
Stun - Makes it hard to see and hear.
Dynamite - Big boom, Lots of damage.
Volley - Sends a huge ton of arrows down in a circle around grenade, possible to survive if you dont move.
Wall - Makes a wall where you throw it, can also act as a roof.
Grenade Launcher - Hmmm...


Heavy Barrel - Does more damage, more kickback though.
Suppressor - Makes the gun significantly quieter.
Compensator - Less kickback when firing.
Laser Sight - Shows where the bullet is firing.
Red Dot - Dotted scope to help aim.
2x Scope - Slightly zoomed in scope with red cross instead of dot.
4x Scope - Zoomed in double then 2x with a red half triangle instead of a cross.
8x Scope - Zoomed in double then 4x with a black cross and 4 black guiding lines.

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Tips & Tricks

For explosive grenades and even stun grenades if you go prone they do a lot less damage along with sometimes placing a wall grenade to hide behind to take NO damage.
If some one is camping a room and you have a wall grenade try throwing it at one of his only exits then tossing a grenade or stun in as the wall raises, then you run to the other exit to kill him as he trys to run.
Sometimes using heavy barrels on snipers is the way to go, it makes most snipers a 1 hit kill but the kickback is alot more so try to hit them in only 1 shot.
Suppressors you might think will dampen the weapons sound and damage but damage is not affected at all when a silencer is attached
Sometimes throwing a cage grenade on the ground near a tall building will let you jump to the roof sometimes giving you the high ground which in most cases is great for you.
Shields sometimes are very useful especially if you have a good secondary or one-handed weapon so you can move into closer range then maybe pull out a desert eagle or revolver to eliminate the enemy.

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