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Online Simulator Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Online Simulator Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

Full Game Walkthrough & Passwords:
-=Connection Password=-
Password Hint: "childhood pet"
Last picture in the album is of your dog.
It’s also saved in a text document in System>Bobby>Documents>passwords.txt
Password: lucky

-=Archive Password (Optional Content)
Hint: "feeling blue"
Password: monkey

-=Website Address
In Chatter open "Saved Chat Logs" and read "MolarMan76 – 13-Feb-2015".
A website is mentioned – freaks.bulletin
Visit this website on Internaut.

Open Garbage and restore the Unzipper.
Open Unzipper. Bobby>System>System32>fsdf
Password is required.
Hint: laboratory that raised monkey.
In Chatter specialagentmulder is often reffering to himself as monkey.
Open the freaks website.
Settings. > Real-Life Dentex? > my website. > my friend monkey’s webpage > guestbook
Bluejay lab is mentioned.
Password: bluejay
Now go to System>Bobby>System>System32>fsdf to view the contents.

-=Sweet Tooth Fetish
Can be found in the fsdf folder in "chat1".
Password: antlers

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Updated: 2019.08.13

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