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Uganda Know De Way Cheat Codes - PC

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Uganda Know De Way Cheat Codes - PC

Name of the file: Uganda Know De Way Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

100% Achievement Guide:
Written by GENiEBEN

All the achievements can be completed by simply playing through the game for
an hour or so, but in case you missed some achievements like me, this should
help you to add another spam to your collection.

You can't refund the game - Play for 9200 seconds or start the game after
the 18th of the month.

-=Death Counter=)-
Just die mate. A lot.

1 to 5 Hahahah!
5 to 10 Not de way
10 to 20 Not de way2
20 to 30 Stop it!
30 to 40 Painful
40 to 50 Real HardCore!
50 to 60 DarkSauce Like
60 to 70 Wana delete game?
80 to 90 Death loves you
90 to 100 UGANDONE!
100 to 1000 UGANDAN DE WAY

-=Platforms Killed=-
Just play the game and kill grills.

1 to 5 Fake princess
5 to 10 Wrong one!
10 to 20 Keep searching!
20 to 30 We will never find her
30 to 40 WAT!?
40 to 50 Princess?
50 to 60 Real one?
60 to 70 Good girl!
70 to 80 Spit on her!
80 to 90 Spit on fake Princess!
90 to 100 Princess!
100 to 1000 Click for her!
Over 1000 REAL Princess!

You will have to kill each of the 5 different 'platforms' along the game
to get some extra achievements.
Type 1 KittyChan
Type 2 MusicChan
Type 3 ShcoolChan
Type 4 CollegeChan
Type 5 PinkyChan

-=Money Counter=-
Start the game and die before you reach $5.
Press Store instead of Replay.

$0 Poor One

Continue playing, making sure you keep your $ in between the following values.
When you reach the value you need, die and press Store instead of Replay.
If you went a bit over the value you need, spend some money.

$5 to $10 First Steps
$10 to $20 Getting closer
$20 to $30 Rich?
$30 to $40 Always not enough!
$40 to $50 Need More!
$50 to $60 Greedy!
$60 to $70 50cent
$70 to $80 Get rich of rie trying!
$80 to $90 Bronze!
$90 to 100 Silver!
$100 to $1000 Gold!
Over $1000 Platina!

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