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Quake Champions Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Quake Champions Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

Keep Moving:
This is probably the most important thing, always keep moving, never stop.
Don’t linger in the same room for a long time, don’t try to ‘camp’. Plenty
of weapons in this game heavily punish a stationary target/style.

Even in a 1v1 fight, its important to move:
Strafe left and right against Machine gun/Shotgun/Lightning gun/Railgun.
Delay your strafes a bit against Nailgun.
Keep jumping against Rockets/Tri-bolt.

Try to not chase your opponents. Easiest way to get ambushed, die a horrible
way. If your target escaped, go find health and armor, and look for the next
opportunity to murder them.

Keep yourself topped up:
Watch your health and armor. Look for health pickups and armor pickups if
you’re not full. Taking a fight with less health than you could will almost
always end up in you dying horribly. Just try to be annoyed when you’re not
full health, and be comfortable when you are. Try to remember where the
health and armor are on each map, to know where to retreat after a fight.

Use different weapons:
The starter machine gun is powerful, however you can frag faster. Look for
other weapons to pick up whenever you spawn. They are more powerful and
easier to kill with.

Mega health and Heavy armor:
These two are located usually at the opposite corners of maps, it’s important
that you try to pick them up, they give you +100 hit points and can give you
50 points more than your maximum.

In a 1v1 situation, every point of health/armor you have over your opponent is
crucial. Being able to have 50 more is insane. These items are very high priority and try to get them every time they spawn. Time the items. When you pick up one of these, glance quickly at the timer at the top of your screen, and add 30 seconds to the timer. That’s when you have to come back.
(Church of Azathoth has 45 second timers)

No character in Quake Champions is overpowered. No ability is gamebreaking, and
everything can be nullified by 1-2 well placed rockets. Don’t fall into the trap
of thinking that one character is broken because you see someone go 43-2 with them.

A good player will do well on every character.
Play EVERY champion. Try them all throughout MULTIPLE games, use their abilities, their passives, see if they fit your style. Try to pick three champions that you want to learn and master. Do their rune challenges, find out what’s the best way to use the abilities. Ranger is a very well-rounded character, easy to learn and do well with.

Smaller characters (Anarki, Nyx, Slash) are for people who enjoy outplaying their opponents, dodging shots left and right, picking your battles.

Medium characters are for people who consider themselves decent aimers, and like having every advantage they can get over the other.

Tanks are brute force. They are for people with raw, good aim, straight into the fray, and just outaim and outsurvive the opponent.

How to Quake:
Clear and understandable guide for starting out in Quake Champions.
I've played Quake for 18 years.

-=Menus, Configuration, Binds, Gear etc.
Let's get started. Quake is not and easy game to get into. You will need dedication and practice. For that, you need to be comfortable. Make sure you have the right gear. Quake is one of those games where speed matters a lot. A light mouse which suits you and has a top optical sensor will be good. For the duration of early access, I'd suggest that you drop all video settings to low at 1080p for maximum fps. This will make the game stutter free and smooth.

This is a very subjective topic, but here's how to measure your effective DPI. Your in game sensitivity x your DPI. If the above value is under 900, you are good to go.

To find the right sensitivity, there are three factors:
* Able to track moving targets perfectly
* Able to track stationary target while moving
* Comfortable 180° flicks

Start off at sensitivity 5 and change by 0.5 more or less until all the above factors are satisfied. If you are coming from CS, just use your CS sens. Its the same.

This is purely subjective. Stay above 105 and you're good.

Thumb rule: DON'T USE THE SCROLL WHEEL TO CHANGE WEAPONS. This is because quake is so fast paced, you'd get fragged while switching through each weapo n trying to find the right one.

Bind the three main ones ie Rocket Launcher, Lightning gun and Railgun to easily reachable buttons and learn to use the buttons to select. I personally have mouse4 bound to rocket, Q to railgun and e to LG. Bind the gauntlet to a key as well. It could be handy. Everything else bind it however you feel comfy.
That's it, practice and learning the game is up next.

The Basics:
Quake Champions right now has 4 game modes, namely Duel(1v1), Deathmatch(DM from now on), Team Deathmatch (TDM from now on) and Sacrifice. In DM and TDM, there is 10 minutes of really fast-paced all out aim-arena action. If you want to stand a chance against veterans that are currently dominating, you need to know some stuff.

There are several in game item pick ups that are essential for survival.
There are two types: Weapons, and Utility.

There are three types of weapons available in Quake namely Tracking,
Leading and Instant Hit.

These weapons do instant damage and are rapid fire, and usually need following
the target with your crosshair. These are the Lightning Gun[7 DMG per hit, very
fast rate, low range], and Machine Gun[8dmg per hit, moderate rate, long range]/
Heavy Machine Gun[10 DMG per hit, other stats same as machine gun].

These weapons fire projectiles that need clever crosshair placement to land
accurate sprays. These are Tri-Bolt, and Nail Gun/Super Nail Gun.

-=Instant Hit/Single projectile:
These fire one/one stack of high-damage projectiles or single shot that need
accurate placement to be effective. These are the Rocket Launcher[up to 100
DMG per hit, slow-moderate rate, long range], Shotguns[up to 110 damage per
hit, sluggish rate, close range] and Rail Gun[80-90 damage per hit, slow rate,
long range].

Apart from weapons, there are utility items that are handy as well.

-=Health/Mega Health:
Normal health pickups are blue crosses and spawn all around the map, and
replenish 25 health until max limit of champion. Mega Health usually spawns in
a unique location in every map as a blue tall cross, and gives you 100 health
ignoring the limit of the champion, but it decreases till it is at the champion's limit. Mega Health spawns every 30 seconds.

-=Armor/Big Armor:
Normal armor pickups are green shields, and spawn a couple in each map, and
replenish 25 health up to max limit of the champion. Big Armor spawns in a unique location in every map as a big green breastplate. It spawns every 30 seconds, and behaves similar to Mega Health, giving you 100 armor ignoring the limit, but reduces gradually till it reaches the limit.

-=Quad Damage:
This pickup spawns usually in the middle of every map, and spawns once every
two minutes. It quadruples the damage of all your weapons for a short period
of time. It doesn't spawn in Duel game mode.

Tips For Team Deathmatch Maps:
-=Blood Covenant
*It’s easy to take Quad with Scalebearer running through teleporter 1 second before spawn. It can be countered with Galena’s totem and preventive rockets. Slash also is good for taking Quad, but 2-3 seconds before, overcovering the space around the spawning Quad with ‘plasma trail’. Sorlag can always make the place dirty prior to quad spawn, but it’s better to keep the ability off cooldown to increase the firepower in fight.
*It’s better to control the armor from the bridge – you are vulnerable on the ground level to attacks from bridge and from railgun, and most likely you won’t be able to counterattack the enemy on railgun from armor position.

-=Ruins of Sarnath
*Scalebearer can take Quad by his ‘Bull Rush’ starting the sprint from below, but it can be easily countered from the bridge. Sorlag can perfectly control the Quad point from the bridge. Keep firing preventive rockets to upper passage and to railgun below if necessary.

-=Burial Chamber
*This map has the most open Quad spawning position. It’s exposed to fire from all positions, so after taking the powerup disengage as fast as possible. It’s possible to take Quad from the teleporter – exit is right on Quad. Ranger can get there in the most safe manner, other classes can rocket jump, wall jump + rocket jump or rocket jump + double jump, but it’s not as failsafe as Ranger’s ability. It’s safer to engage the Quad from the high ground, however make sure you won’t get mouthful of rockets jumping on Quad.
*There’re a lot of options for being pushed to ‘Ring out’, beware while jumping or running near ledges.

*This map is very friendly to campers. Galena is the queen of Lockbox, so if enemy team has this champion, don’t use teleporters or be ready to receive some damage running through. If there’re two Galenas, don’t use teleporters at all.

*There’re two champions that can counter camping Galena: Ranger and Nyx. Ranger
can use Dire Orb to take Quad and to engage Galena through the loophole. Nyx can use invisibility to run through the teleporter without triggering totems. At all costs prevent Galena from gaining a foothold on the top.

*Jumping on a quad is easier from the railgun spawn. However slow champions will require to strafe jump to reach the Quad. Practice, it’s very shameful to jump short 1 second before Quad spawns.

*You can send one to take an acid bath by firing the lock on the wall in the room with lightning gun. It won’t kill the enemy in an instant but surely distract him for a while – the damage is way more intense than in the acid near rocket launcher.

*Jumping to the sinkhole, aim to the hole. Try not to roll over the walls like a roulette ball, because you will expose yourself to fire from above.

-=Church of Azathoth
*Pretty straightforward map. Open space on Quad with options to keep the high
ground before engaging it. Scalebearer as alawys can spit on everyone from above. Quad also can be sniped right from railgun spawn.

Room with armor is a place for campers, beware of hideous enemies on the wood
ledges above.

-=Tempest Shrine
*Teleporters can be tricky at the first glance. Make sure you know where will you appear after running through.

*Scalebearer and Slash can perform the same trick as on Blood Covenant, but they
needs more time to reach the Quad after exiting the teleporter. Don’t miscalculate.

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