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Ubinota Cheat Codes - PC

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Ubinota Cheat Codes - PC

Name of the file: Ubinota Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

Steam Achievements

Almost scientist Study black clouds.
Ambidextrous Use 2 paint at the same time.
Analyst Press the red button without painting anything.
As light as a feather Manage to use the red paint.
As quick as his shadow Win a level in less than 15 seconds.
Better than the Tibius Find and win the hardest level of Ubinota.
Beyond the visible Win a second level with the phantom paint.
Cautious painter Suck up 20 paint doses.
Challenge n1 Win the last level of the first chapter holding 13 cyan paint doses in the tank.
Challenge n2 Win the last level of the sugar sky with only 3 paint doses.
Challenge n3 Win the last level of the night sky with only 13 doses.
Challenge n4 Win the last level of the red sky with only 4 doses.
Challenge n5 Win the third level of the yellow sky with only 7 doses.
Cook Collect all the non "!" ingredients of the yellow sky.
Cotton candy prospector Save all the non "!" houses of the red sky.
Dance with ghosts Save all the "!" houses of the ghost sky.
Even eat paint Paint 300 cubes.
From every angle Turn the equivalent of 3 turn on the same level.
Ghost hunter Catch the ghost.
Good recruit Paint the superintendant's domain.
Head chef Collect every ingredients in the yellow sky, even the "!" ones.
Headhunter Find the cloudologist.
Hero before God Save all the houses. Full stop.
Huge painter Paint 100 cubes.
Kitchen assistant Collect all the ingredients of the recipe.
Life through red-tinted glasses Save all the "!" houses of the red sky.
Likes paint Paint 20 cubes.
Magus's assistant Save all the non "!" houses of the sugar sky.
Magus's disciple Save all the "!" houses of the sugar sky.
Midas's friend Use 5 times the yellow paint.
Model pupil Very good recruit.
Nice guy Save all the non "!" houses in front of the sky hole.
Night painter Save all the non "!" houses of the night sky.
Not just a painter Paint the sugar sky.
Not today Save all the "!" houses in front of the sky hole.
Not very up and running Win 2 levels with the green paint.
On a razor's edge Win a level with a least 5 seconds of suspense.
Savior Save the world.
See dead people Save all the non "!" houses of the ghost sky.
See in the dark Save all the "!" houses of the night sky.
The first scar Win one "!" level.
The one who never gives up Start again a level despite 5 failures.
The vacuum works! Suck up 10 paint doses.
True architect Suck up 100 paint doses.
Very good recruit Save all the non "!" houses of the superintendant's domain.
Whoops Lose the first level.

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