Ichi Cheat Codes

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Ichi Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Ichi Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

Steam Achievements

Achievement How to unlock
Apprentice Let 10 people play your level(s).
Bright Beginner Complete 5 levels.
Brilliant Brainiac Complete 100 levels.
Clever Leveler Complete 10 levels.
Cunning Puzzler Complete 25 levels.
Experienced Publisher Create and Publish 5 levels.
Expert Tapper Tap 1000 times.
Ichi Intellect Complete 75 levels.
Master Let 100 people play your level(s).
Master Publisher Create and Publish 10 levels.
Publisher Create and Publish 1 level.
Savvy Tapper Tap 100 times.
Score 100 Get a score of 100 points.
Score 1000 Get a score of 1000 points.
Score 500 Get a score of 500 points.
Tapping Talent Tap 500 times.
Witty Thinker Complete 50 levels.

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Updated: 2014.10.07

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