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La Mulana Cheat Codes

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La Mulana Cheat Codes

Name of the file: La Mulana Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

Steam Achievements

A fishy item... - Bought something other than "Rose & Camellia" from the reformed merman.
A one time challenge. - Challenge the balance of the spirits
All I need is one arm. - Obliterated all guardians without using secondary weapons.
All I need is one finger! - Obliterated all guardians without using secondary weapons in HARD MODE.
Ancient Machine - Obliterated Palenque.
Archaeological authority - Scanned all suspicious spots.
At the bottom - Obliterated Viy.
Black Misa - Obliterated Baphomet.
Curry Addict - Ate curry in a variety of situations.
Dangerous Raid - Obliterated Bahamut.
Dear Foolish Adventurer - Started HARD MODE.
Dive Deep Down - Dived into a pot.
Eden, here was. - Revealed Eden.
Fairy Light Completionist - Called a fairy from every fairy point.
Giant's Rage - Obliterated Sakito.
Great 8th child - Obliterated all guardians in HARD MODE
High Speed Beast - Obliterated Elmac.
I love hot springs! - Bathed in the hot springs 100 times.
Indomitable spirit - Completed the entire adventure within 40 hours.
Item Collector - Filled every item slot.
La-Mulana Mania - Obtained La-Mulana.
Let's go together! - Watched the ending with the entire cast present.
Lights of the fairies - Got the cooperation of a fairy.
Map Collector - Obtained all maps.
Master key - Unlocked all fairy locks.
Maximum Power - Obtained all Life Gems.
Mulburk Can Be Yours - Listened to everything Mulbulk has to say.
NIGORO MANIA - Found every NIGORO staff member.
Once you read it, you can never go back - I warned you.
Playful but Lonely - Everyone's here, but only you feel like it's summer.
Read all of the paleographies. - Learned ancient La-Mulana words.
Running out in the open! - Everyone in the ending has that summer feeling.
Seek a higher place. - Obtained the Wing
Skilled adventurer - Completed the entire adventure within 20 hours.
Slippery Serpent - Obliterated Tiamat.
Software Collector - Obtained all M-SX software.
Sound Track Mania - Obtained Beo La-Mulana.
Speed Runner - Completed the entire adventure within 10 hours.
Stop him without stopping time! - Obliterated Zu without using the Lamp of Time.
Take a walk on the dark side. - Obtained Future Development Company
The Beginning of Hell and Awakening - Obliterated all guardians.
The Four Philosophers were awakened. - Obtained the Ocarina of The Philosophers.
The gate to hell has opened. - Unlocked the HELL TEMPLE.
The girl awakens - Mulburk awakens.
The Hidden Road - Opened the backdoor to the Tower of the Goddess.
The Masochist King - Completed the HELL TEMPLE in HARD MODE.
The Penitent Man - Took a knee.
The Run To Ruin - Survived the 3rd infinite corridor under your own power.
The Sadness of the Twins has vanished. - The Twin Labyrinth has opened.
The world of 8-bit - Opened the entrance to The Gate of Time.
This is La-Mulana: Part I - Flattened by a falling giant.
This is La-Mulana: Part II - Squashed by a falling sun.
This is La-Mulana: Part III - Surprised Shunderia.
This is La-Mulana: Part IV - Smooshed by a Super Punch.
This isn't even my final form! - Completed the HELL TEMPLE without the Fairy's Vest.
This was not for human eyes. - Completed the HELL TEMPLE.
Treasure Hunter - Opened all small treasure boxes.
Twin-Headed Snake - Obliterated Amphisbaena.
Watch Where You're Whipping - Received damnation.
Welcome to La-Mulana - Opened the entrance to La-Mulana.
Xelpud's Best Friend - Listened to everything Xelpud has to say.
Xelpud's Pen Pal - Got all emails.
You are a small one - Proved that you are indeed small.
You are the strongest archaeologist! - Completed the adventure.

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