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Wizard101 Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Wizard101 Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

Cheats Codes:
How 2 go to place that you're lvl can't go to
First choose any place that you want to go (if you have crowns you can go to evryone if you don't then you can only go to a place that cost no crowns)go to the commons and if you have txt chat say (for example)can anyone take me to celestia? Then find someone who says yes and friend them then tell them to go to the place that you want to go and wait for them to tell you to port then go to your friends and click there name the click go to friend and you are in a place that you could not have gone to before!

Walk without holding any buttons
Make sure your on computer for this walk normaly than press shift still holding w to walk hold that for about a minute than let go both buttons and you an walk with out pressing anything to stop press s

FREE items, gold, crown items, and mounts
All you have to do is go to KIfreegames.com.Play any one of the games.Depending on how many points you get, the better the prize.When you redeem your prizes, if it says you need to login to wizard101, it just means you havent logged into wizard101.Make sure you aren't playing wizard101 at the time otherwise you'll completely have to log out of wizard101.Trust me, I've gotten a blue raptor(gives 3 herochit cards(90 dmg),clockwork golem transformations,skeleton transformation,evil snowman transformation,fire elf transformation,starlight pony mount 7 day,bengal tiger mount 7 day,and moolinda's green thumb pack.

Heres the list of what you can get:
50g + one bonus item
100g + one bonus item
150g + one bonus item
250g + two bonus items
500g + two bonus items
1000g + three bonus items
2000g + three bonus items

How to change a 7 day mount into a perment one
I will teach you how to turn any one or seven day mount into a perment one on wizard 101 open up your change date and time thing up change the year to 1980 (make sure it is not the same day in 1980 and don't change the time yet)then log into wizard 101 equip your mount then log out change the date then log back in the it should be like 200000 hours bye

How to turn invisible!
Ok. this is a little hard so read carefully, it may not work the first time but keep trying.
ok Go to your backpack, go to the housing icon, then port to a friend then press "u" and press home.

What you have to do is go to the store with the pig on it.

Buy a dragon in all brown or gold as i call it and itslike 288 gold instead of 1485 for the black dragon.And just go to the color store and change the color for 150 gold more

Training whatch
Ok, go to dragonspyre arena and when you leave, run to around the middle and turn around and look at the arena, you will be teleported to something that looks like an arena,but the ropes are unattached so you can see a person training against a clockwork golem

Dance with weapon or clap with weapon
Ok now you wanna dance with a weapon you can't ,, but with a glitch I discovered you can if you wanna dance with weapon press clap emote, then with out moving press dance , it will dance with your weapon, and if you wanna clap do the same but in reverse press dance first hope you like it later

How to get more money!
NOTE:this cheat I think is much for the free players cause the members will have alot of gold passing the quests of all worlds
To get more money just fight a lot of bosses then in all those fights the bosses drop things right so all of those things if you don't not need them then go to what ever shop you want exept for the paint shop and sell those not needed things and you have a lot of money

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