Powder Game Cheat Codes

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Powder Game Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Powder Game Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

Alternate laser colors:
To change the color of the laser, press [Ctrl] + [F5] to display the console window and type lsc followed by a number from 1 to 9.

Air cannon hint:
First, set Block Size to 1 and have two lines of Block with three spaces across. Also have a small block along each of the inside one's space across. Once done, put a few fans facing inside the cannon pointing to the wall where the cannon is connected. Then, place a ball of C-4 filled with nitro so that when the cannon fires, it will cause the ball to explode.
Ball rage hint:First, c over the screen with Block and erase a hole. Then, fill it up with the element that belongs to the hole and add the desired ball:

Water Ball - Powder
Fire Ball - Magma
Seed Ball - Seed
Gunpowder Ball - Gunpowder
Ice Ball - Ice

Lots of Balls hint:
Use Pen S 1, Pen Line, and Grid 4. Then, make a square with a plus sign. The grid helps. Place Balls inside the four small squares and it will seem like there are lots of Balls.

Elemental flying balls hint:
Make a Clone Ball and add a non-solid element of any kind to the ground. Let the Clone Ball fall and, once it has touched the element, it should keep on producing it and should fly. An interesting element is Laser. As the Clone Ball is falling, shoot Laser onto it so it resembles a tennis ball. Note: If the ball is bouncing and also cloning an element in a straight line, add some wind to make it go crazy.

Bird trap hint:
Go to BG-Toon mode to see the glass (or a non explosive solid for the fireworks). Metal also works. Add dashes in the center of the screen horizontally from left to right, then Right Click "Fire" and Left Click "Fireworks". Set up pen on lines. Above the metal, about one inch, load the screen with it so it stacks up about one inch on the metal. Wait until the leftovers fall to the bottom, then clean it up but leave what is on the metal. Then, Left Click "Box" and drop as many as possible in the corner. Drag them all into the corner so that they appear as one box (pen size 2 recommended). Then, release some birds, but not too many. Make sure pen is on "Free". Drag the boxes below a gap in the metal, then Right Click so that it releases some fire. The boxes will launch like rockets and set fire to the fireworks, which will create fire when they explode, which will trigger the rest. The bird population will drop and only a few will remain. Note: When you use fireworks, whatever was Right Clicked will be what it bursts into. Be sure to Right Click what you want before you Left Click the fireworks.

Cigarette hint:
Put down as much Powder as needed, then place as much Seed as desired. Use the "Lots of particles under drag" glitch and move your pointer around the area, then use the same glitch again but pick up the tree with it.

Double box fire hint:
Build two boxes connected out of Block and fill both of them with Gas. Then, light the Gas in one box and the other box of gas will also catch fire.

Dot refill hint:
BG-Track dot M and, after wasting some dots, wait and look at the dots increase.

Fire tower hint:
Put Magma at the bottom of the screen, then use Pen: Line and Pen-S: 2 or higher with Powder and make a straight line from the top to bottom of the screen. The Powder will burn all the way to the top, differing depending on pen size.

Flame thrower hint:
Press "Stop", then get Block to make a rectangle. Make a hole in the block that is pen size 2, then put Clone (Gas) and a line of Clone (Fire). Put another Clone line of Gas, Fire, and Wind will shoot out of the barrel.

Fuse hint:
Put down the desired amount of Fuse on the following elements to activate the corresponding effects:

Soapy - Soapy water will come out of the end as it burns.
Oil - Fire will come out of the end of the fuse as it burns.
Nitro - Explosions will happen as it burns.
Water - Liquefied fuse.

Giant Forest hint:
Pour one layer of Powder all over the floor and make a Seed Ball. Drop it onto the Powder and, when the trees starts to grow, make a Water Ball. Note: Do not make too much or the tree won't grow too well. Then, drop the tree onto the powder. The more Seed Balls and Water Balls you make, the more trees that will grow. Set the speed to 8 and wait for a giant forest to emerge. After you are satisfied with the size of your forest, light a torch and burn down the entire forest.

Glass hint:
Glass can be seen in "Toon" and is acid proof.
Glass with Thunder inside hint:
Make a straight line of Metal, then press "Thunder" to make Thunder on the Metal. Try to get some yellow Thunder things in the Metal. Then, take Glass and put some on the Metal, making sure the Glass touches the Metal with Thunder spinning in it. You should then have yellow Glass with Thunder in it.

Strange Glass hint:
Set the game to BG - Toon and put the pen size to 9. Draw a line at the bottom of the screen, then draw a spot of Fan (pen size 9) in the middle of the screen. Then, get a virus and put it on the Glass to create all sorts of patterns.

Gun hint:
Draw a triangle from the side of the wall out of Block and fill it with gas, then set it on fire. Fill it with acid one quarter and, when ready, put some fighters below. Finally, put a hole in it.

Laser gun hint:
Make a base out of any material and a block tube (longer and thinner recommended) in the desired direction you want the lasers to appear from. Set the pen to about 1 and put clone in the tube, angled toward the direction that you want the laser to appear from. Make sure the clone does not come into contact with your base or else it will clone it. Laser the clone and it will shoot the laser out of the tube like a gun.

Laser light show hint:
-Place a clone in a circle in the middle of the screen, then click on the laser and shoot it at any angle at the clone.
-Set the pen size to 9, then get a virus and put a bit on the bottom of the screen. Fire the laser at it and it will fire randomly.

Laser wheeler hint:
Start by doing Stop. Place the wheel in the middle and place the laser up the left side of the wheel, then fan the right side.

Neon lighting hint:
Create a vertical line of Glass about an inch from the left border and fill the space between the Glass and border with some Acid. Make a horizontal line of Metal from the middle of the screen that touches the glass. Place Thunder into the right end of the Metal. It should travel toward the Glass and, upon hitting the Glass, it should produce neon lighting. To continuously produce the lighting, put a Clone on top of the Metal that produces Thunder.

Make Powder:
To create Powder, get Metal and put Water on it.
Saltball riding on laser hint:
Since saalt is laser proof, make some Salt Balls by clicking Ball, then right click Salt. Make Laser (Pen Line recommended) and they will ride on the laser.

Create sand:
Go to BG-Toon mode and drag a long line of Glass. Click "Drag" and drag across the glass without releasing. The glass will explode and a yellow substance will appear. Keep dragging across the gray substance at the bottom to create yellow sand.

Seawater Ball hint:
Place a Salt Ball and add water to make it a Seawater Ball.

Create snow:
Use Wheel and put a little clone under it along with ice on a blade to make snow. Set up a Block Cannon Cylinder and put some Fan in the direction of the mouth to make it look like snow is falling.

Super charged missile hint:
Make a small rectangle of Block with pen size 2 and press 9, then press Box and click inside the small box of Block. The box should move around squished. Press "Stop" or [Space] and place Fire in the chamber. Make an opening to the right and press [Space] again to set the Boxes on fire (deadly weapon).

Super laser hint:
Get a wheel and use the fan to make the wheel spin continuously. Once the wheel spins, add the laser in the desired direction. Note: After the laser is shot in the desired direction, you must erase all of the laser spinning the wheel to change it wheel.

Wooden floor hint:
Make Trees with lots of Powder underneath, then putVirus on the Trees. You can also try making the Virus that touches the Trees fall onto the Powder.

Nitro explosion hint:
Nitro explodes by either dragging it or setting it on fire.

Volcano hint:
-Make two big walls that almost touch and put Vine inside the volcano everywhere. Then, put quite a bit of Magma in there and press "Start".
-Set the game to "Stop" and make a volcano out of Block. Make sure the top is open. Put all the explosives you can in the volcano. Make sure 25% of the volcano is Magma. Press "Start" and the volcano will erupt. Note: This looks better on BG Blur or BG Shade.

Create water:
Put a line of Clone at the top with Ice above it, then fan the Ice into the Clone. Place Thunder in with the Snow to turn it into Water.

Wheel of Elements hint:
Place a wheel, then put an element that floats (for example, Metal, Torch, or Ice) on the wheel. Finally, place Wind on the fan. Note: This can also be used to make a floating Earth.

Wood Ball hint:
Place a Seed Ball and add a long line of water With pen size 9. Add Powder at the ball to make it go underwater. The Seed Ball becomes a Wood ball when it touches Powder.

Extra elements hint:
Wood/Tree is the first element. First place Powder on the ground and add Seed, then Ant. The wood will grow. The second element is Snow. Make a ball of Ice andadd Fan (or Wind or Air) to it. The last is Saltwater, which is made by mixing Water first then Salt.

Growth hint:
-Seed grows when placed on Powder.
-Vine will grow anything that touches it, including Nitro and Oil.

Acid or magma attributes:
Left Click on an element, then Right Click on the player to have any possible attribute.

Color coded fireworks hint:
Right Click any element other than Fan, Ice, Clone, C-4, torch, metal, and vine click "Fireworks". The selected element will pour out from the fireworks. You can create a color-coded firework or LASER light show.

Out of control fire hint:
Make Clone and add Thunder while making sure it is non. Hold Nitro under the Thunder and a blast of fire will come out.

Player weapon hint:
First, put one of the following items on the player: Powder, Water, Fire, Seed, Ant, Bomb, Gunpowder, Fan, Stone, Superball, Fireworks, Oil, Virus, Gas, or Soapy. The player's head will turn the color of the item. Press [Down] for player one or S for player two to make the player shoot the substance out of his eyes.

Fire or magma player hint:
Put the player in water until it is just below his head and add Fire or Magma, then delete the water and items after. Note: The player is still vulnerable to Fire or Magma.

Flying around hint:
Put a player in the game and place Nitro on his head. When it turns green, press [Down] to fire the nitro. Your player will then shoot around with a jet of fire. Note: This requires some practice. Your player will disintegrate if you hit any walls too hard or go back on yourself into the jet exhaust.

Strange air hint:
Create a small box out of blocks and, outside the box, put lots of Gas and Fire. Repeat about three times. The air outside the box will become green while the air inside the box will turn blue. Put a player in the box and creat hole in the box for a surprise.

Lots of particles under drag glitch:
Make a small clone and clone the particle you want to have a lot of. Put "Drag" under the left and right click, then Left Click some drag, move it away, and quickly Right Click.There will be more particles under drag. Release the Right Mouse Button and all the particles should stay under drag if the Left Mouse Button is held. Right Click particles not under drag again and they should be under drag. Repeat until you have the desired amount of particles.

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