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Roblox Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Roblox Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

Cheat Codes:

When there is a game that you can save it type -or / whatever it uses
then enter 850000000000/850000000000/850000000000 how many times u type
/850000000000 depends on how many things to cheat on. Say if there is
level exp gold then type /850000000000/850000000000/850000000000.

If there is level exp gold and silver then type
850000000000/850000000000/850000000000/850000000000 and if there five
things to cheat on then type it five times.

Farm Tycoon:
First climb the giant tree. Then go see the mayor and he will ask you to
get 15 wood. (Should be fast if you climbed the giant tree.) All you have
to do is cut 5 trees and return he will then give you the mega potato.
Return to your farm and switch to mega potato and then plant the crops.
Its as cheap as the cabbage But gives alot more money.

Getting the Riddling Skull:
Finish Yorick's Resting Place and WAHLAA!
Finish Yorick's Resting Place to unlock it.

Sometimes you can fly things other then planes:
1.Insert a skateboard insert a plane tool ride the skateboard use plane
tool then fly it like an original plane.

2.Insert a mini tank from the insert then use the mini tank tool then drive
it out of the base you will float.

1.Having Problems with survive through holes with vechiles.Well lucky here.
Theres a soulution.{IMPORTANT} You must need a parachute to do the following
steps. First when your driving you seem to be falling very fast.When you wanna
slow it down take out your parachute when your in your vechile.
You Should notice the vechile stops a little bit.

First off you buy a round head does not have to be perfection then u buy a paper
bag to go on your head. Put both on then u will see a rip in the back of the bag.

First get 20 or more tix then you go to your homepage then click on trade curancy
you got 2 trade more then 20 or more tix but its wont

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