Guilt Battle Arena - Nintendo Switch

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Guilt Battle Arena - Nintendo Switch
Name of the file: Guilt Battle Arena - Nintendo Switch - Author: ANO - [NINTENDO]

Chicken Run
To get through the infinite rain of chickens you need to stay away from the edges of the arena as this makes you an easy target. Try to stay close to the center and near the safe spots. Reduce the risk of being hit in the air by a chicken by only jumping when you really need to.

Collecting your Bullet
In Chicken Run don't rush to collect your bullet. Although your bullet is important to stun the other players you should not retrieve it until you are sure you have enough time to do so. If you do not have enough time go to a safe spot and wait for the rain of chickens before grabbing your bullet back.

Dodge Bullets
Your only option to dodge bullets when you are on the ground is to jump, if you double jump you ensure you will not land on the bullet. If you are in the air you can also dodge a bullet by diving.

Play the Tutorial
It is advised that before you make your debut in the arena you play the tutorial so you get to know the game modes before adding some modifiers. A couple of rounds with 'Last Man Standing' or 'Potato Bomb is recommended.

Trampoline Modifier
When the trampoline modifier is activated you will be spending most of your time in the air. If you dive when you are above your bullet you will gain enough time to shoot first.

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Updated: 2020.09.01

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