Dragon Quest Builders 2 - Nintendo Switch

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Dragon Quest Builders 2 - Nintendo Switch
Name of the file: Dragon Quest Builders 2 - Nintendo Switch - Author: ANO - [NINTENDO]

Bag Essentials
Whenever you go exploring the islands make sure you always have the following essential items in your bag to enable you to explore longer or survive multiple enemy encounters. Your inventory should include food, healing item, a bed, and crafting equipment.

Better Weapons
You need new recipes to be able to craft better weapons. Recipes serve as blueprints to stronger swords and more. To obtain new recipes for better weapons you need to defeat monsters and level up alongside your companion, Malroth.

Build a House
When you visit a new island focus on building a house and adorn it with furnishings, like a bed, a light source, and decorations. Doing so will earn the approval of the townsfolk which will result in a mass offering of hearts for your efforts.

Collect Materials
Collect materials at every opportunity so when you get a new recipe and go to a crafing table there is a good chance you have everythng you need. The bag the game gives you is spacious one so make sure you fill it up with useful things such as dirt blocks which are always useful for stacking in order to reach a mountaintop.

Complete Quests
Always be on the lookout for quests. Any villager you see that ha a red exclamation marker above their head has a quest to offer. Completing a quest for the townsfolk, and they will reward you with hearts.

Cook Dishes
One way which you can increase your villagers happiness is by cooking. If you stand in front of a bonfire or cooking station a special pot icon will appear which will show up on ingredients you can cook. If you combine those ingredients in a pan and cook them together you will create new recipes. Cooking is also necessary for recruiting monsters.

Fast Travel
To be able to fast travel you need to open up the area map by either pressing the touchpad on PS4, or the Minus button on Nintendo Switch and then pressing X or B to open up the grid version. This will allow you to move the cursor over any footprint icons that appear on the map, which indicate points that you can fast travel to due to Naviglobes being located there. If you press X or B again you will be taken to your chosen destination in a fraction of the time.

Gathering Oak and Leaves
The main quest on Furrowfield is to gather Oak and Leaves. You can get both of these items by destroying the dark wood trees and their foliage in the rain forest/Bodkin Archer area. Destroying several trees in these areas will net you enough of both materials.

Make Townsfolk Happy
It is important that you keep earning hearts as the Gratidude points they provide allow you to level up your base in the major islands and unlock recipes, materials and extra islands when you are in the Island of Awakening. To ensure that you are constantly racking up hearts you need to keep your villagers happy by completing the various quests they give you.

Plant Vegetables and Crops
Make all the land available for planting. Using the hoe is essential for tilling the land, which allows you to free up any unused spaces for planting vegetables and other crops.

You can make your character sprint by holding R1 (PS4) or R (Switch). Remember that sprinting can only be done for a limited amount of time as it is directly tied to your stamina level so make sure you keep an eye on that meter when you sprint.

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Updated: 2020.09.01

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