Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - Nintendo Switch

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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - Nintendo Switch
Name of the file: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - Nintendo Switch - Author: ANO - [NINTENDO]

Cheat mode :
Enter one of the following codes as your file name when starting a new game to unlock the corresponding item, weapon, or mode:
"A Kinda Funny Mask": TEAMFAT
"Dominus" weapon: Akuma
"Hey I'm Grump": Egoraptor
"I'm Not So Grump": Grumps
Big Head mode: BIGHEAD
Clockwork Blade: JEPSON
Darkness Descends: ALPHAOMEGASIN
Dungeonite Sword: DUNGEONITE
Final Hour weapon: TheSpeedGamers
Mega64 Helmet: Jarvis Meower
Plague Doctor Face: swimmingbird
Sega Power Strip "Gamesack" weapon: 8MEGAPOWER
Sicilian Slicer: STEPHENPLAYS
Space Helmet: chuggaaconroy
Unlock Hard/Nightmare modes: NIGHTMARE

Infinite ammo:
Successfully complete all of Susie's cooking quests to get the Recycle hat that gives unlimited ammo when worn.

Easy money:
After encountering Harry, he will plant seeds and grow crops to share with you. You can buy seeds from Dominique in the shop nearby. Buy as many Rice Seeds as possible and have Harry plant one. Then, leave through the door to the right. Enter and exit Harry's screen five times (you will see the rice grow a bit each time you enter). The rice stalk will be yellowish on top when it is done. Talk to him and he will give you 10 Rice. Dominique sells Rice Seeds for 100 each, but she will buy the 10 Rice for 160. Note: You can only carry 99 Rice at a time. Thus, make sure to sell them before harvesting more or you will lose them.

Fight the Librarian:
Borrow the Tome Of Conquest at the Librarian O.D. Then, proceed to a room located at Glacial Tomb (two rooms to the left of the area's warp portal) to encounter the Librarian, ready to battle for not returning his valuable book. He is fairly strong. Defeat him to get a shard that allows you to stop time. Additionally, return to his library after defeating him, and he will be wearing a costume mask and allow you to borrow all his books at once.

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:
Overlord (Platinum): Collect every other trophy.
Cartographer (Gold): Complete the map.
Demonologist (Gold): Complete the demon list.
Item Collector (Silver): Complete the item list.
Arvantville's Angel (Silver): Complete 30 quests.
Bloodstained (Silver): Take in a large quantity of blood.
Dare to Devour (Silver): Consume 20 different recipes.
Gilded Youth (Silver): Amass a fortune of at least 500,000 G.
Growing Pains (Silver): Reach level 50.
Kickstopper (Silver): Jump kick 10 times without touching the ground.
Marathon (Silver): Travel 42.195 kilometers.
Shardmaster (Silver): Absorb every type of shard.
True Haggler (Silver): Earn at least 100,000 G in total item sales.
A New You (Bronze): Change your hairstyle.
Able Alchemist (Bronze): Transmute items 10 times.
Bookworm (Bronze): Borrow 10 books.
Demon Hunter (Bronze): Slay 1,000 demons.
Down Pat (Bronze): Master a weapon technique.
Make a Wish (Bronze): Break 1,000 candleholders.
Might've Known (Bronze): Destroy a secret wall.
Moonwalker (Bronze): Backstep, backstep, backstep. A lot.
Scrap Heaper (Bronze): Break down items into materials 10 times.
Shardbinder (Bronze): Absorb your first shard.
Treasure Hunter (Bronze): Open 100 chests.

Additionally, there are 21 secret trophies:
Army of the Night (Silver): Thank you, everyone, for your endless kindness and support.
Dethroned (Silver): Eradicate the king of demons.
All Bets Are Off (Bronze): Eradicate the duke of high rollers.
Déjà vu (Bronze): Bounce a certain chair repeatedly.
Dragonslayer (Bronze): Eradicate the netherdrake.
Hermetically Sealed (Bronze): Subdue the alchemist.
His Blade (Bronze): Inherit the blade that demons fear.
Just a Flicker (Bronze): Fulfill your promise to a friend.
Loco Motive (Bronze): Eradicate the runaway train.
Moonscraper (Bronze): Eradicate the mistress of the deathly moon.
Recital (Bronze): Listen to the faerie's song.
Rodeo Star (Bronze): Eradicate the skeletal demihorse.
Samurai Showdown (Bronze): Drive back the samurai.
Show of Hands (Bronze): Eradicate the wrathful work of art.
Snake Charmer (Bronze): Eradicate the twin-headed dragon.
Speed Demon (Bronze): Eradicate the hypersonic hellraiser.
Storm Abolisher (Bronze): Eradicate the cause of the maelstrom.
Tourniquet (Bronze): Eradicate the bloodthirsty maiden.
Transcendence (Bronze): Triumph over yourself.
Usurper (Bronze): Observe the rise of the castle's new master.
Wing Clipper (Bronze): Eradicate the iron marquess.

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Updated: 2020.08.17

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