Sky : Children of The Light - iPhone

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Sky : Children of The Light - iPhone
Name of the file: Sky : Children of The Light - iPhone - Author: ANO - [IPHONE]

Hidden star in tree in 8 locks
In 8 locks area in Daylight Prairie, there is a star child hidden *inside* a large tree, about two-thirds of the way up. This tree’s side is attached to a small flat hill, on the left side of the area if you’re standing in front of the portal back to Daylight Prairie facing the temple. The hand-holding-a-star icon appears if you start at the roots below the hill on the side facing the 8 locks temple and boost up right next to the tree, allowing you to collect it. You can also use the table glitch to get inside the tree and actually see the star child. This is in the current live version, the first one to go global, but likely will be moved or removed in the future since it’s behind-the-scenes.

The table glitch
This allows you to pass many closed doors when you don’t have friends handy to help open them, and also get behind some walls and inside closed temples for interesting behind-the-scenes activities.You will need the table accessory (thirty hearts from the Levitation spirit in Vault of Knowledge) and lv1 faint emote from the spirit in the first area of Golden Wasteland. Drag the table into a position that causes a chair on one end to fall behind a door, wall, or other scenery. Stand on the table in front of this chair with the door/wall to your right, as close as you can. Use the faint emote, which will cause your character to fall backward and to the right, partly through the wall and over the chair behind the obstacle. The sit icon for the hidden chair should appear. Tap it to sit your character in the seat. Done correctly, this will pull them behind-the-scenes. You can then either stand up and jump or fly off the chair behind the obstacle or remove the table and walk off. You may need to do this twice to get past doors with a decorative layer over them, such as the telekinesis door on the first level of Vault of Knowledge.
If you get stuck behind-the-scenes, just teleport home.

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Updated: 2019.08.07

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