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Abyssrium - iPhone

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Abyssrium - iPhone

Name of the file: Abyssrium - iPhone - Author: ANO - [IPHONE]

Microtransaction Fish:
The fish below can only be unlocked when you purchase the indicated package through microtransactions.

Buy the Junior Package.

Black and White Clownfish:
Buy the Beginner Package.

Giant Jellyfish:
Buy the Advanced Package.

Humpback Whale:
Buy the Master Package.

Harp Seal:
Buy the Supreme Package.

Unlock New Fish:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding fish.

Blue Clownfish:
Take a picture of a clownfish 3 times.

Camel Cowfish:
Share a picture of a blowfish 3 times.

Clown Tang:
Take a picture of a tang 5 times.

Commerson Dolphin:
Save a picture of Lonely Coralite 3 times (This is what the game says, but it seems like a bug. To truly unlock the Commerson Dolphin, save a picture of a dolphin 3 times).

Convict Tang:
Leave the app open and active, but do not touch it or do anything else for an hour.

Cross Damsel:
Take a picture of a damsel 3 times.

French Angel:
Save a picture of an angelfish 3 times.

Hammerhead Shark:
Save a picture of a shark 3 times.

Jewel Damsel:
Tap the upper left corner of the screen a thousand times.

Juvenile Spotted Boxfish:
Start the app by clicking on a notification. You have a 10% chance of unlocking the fish after not playing for 2 hours.

Leatherback Turtle:
Open 50 Mystery Chests.

Mahi Mahi:
Play at midnight 10 times.

Manta Ray:
Share a picture of a sting ray on Twitter 3 times.

Mauve Stinger:
Take a picture of a jellyfish 10 times.

Moorish Idol:
Take a picture of the Mystery Chest 5 times, being sure to focus on the chest and not the Coralite.

Tap the top-left corner 5,000 times.

Pajama Cardinal:
Play the game 20 times in one day.

Potbelly Seahorse:
Share a picture of a seahorse 3 times.

Pygmy Seahorse:
Play at 4:00am 5 times.

Randall Goby:
Take a picture of a goby 3 times.

Scribbled Angelfish:
Click the 'see more' button in the Photo screen 10 times.

Snowflake Clownfish:
Click the Twitter button 10 times in the settings menu.

Spotted Mandarin Dragonet:
There's a small chance to unlock this when you open the app from a notification.

Springer Dottyback:
Share a photo on Twitter 3 times.

Striped Marlin:
Simply take a picture of the marlin when it visits. There's a small chance of it swimming by once every half hour.

Whale Shark:
Much like the spotted boxfish above, simply start the app by clicking on a notification. You have a 10% chance of unlocking the fish after not playing for 2 hours.

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