Stranger Things: The Game - Android

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Stranger Things: The Game - Android
Name of the file: Stranger Things: The Game - Android - Author: ANO - [ANDROID]

All nine upgrades
Aluminum Bat: Increases Nancy's attack damage to 2.
Camo Backpack #1: Increases Lucas's Rock ammo capacity by 25.
Camo Backpack #2: Increases Lucas's Rock ammo capacity by another 25, for a total of 50.
Camo Backpack #3: With all three Backpacks, Lucas's maximum ammo capacity is 100.
Canadian Tuxedo: Adds +1 to Hopper's damage and increases his charge range when at full health.
D-Cell Flashlight: Doubles the duration of Mike's stun attack.
Lucky D20: Gcives Will a critical strike with 5 damage, although it doesn't happen on every hit.
Lunchbox: Increases Dustin's pudding ammo capacity by 50, for a max of 100.
Spiked Bat: Increases Nancy's damage to 3 (from 2 with the Platinum Bat)

Google Play Achievements

Achievement How to unlock
Best Friends Collected all playable characters.
Boom! Fully upgraded Mike.
Can Fight Evil Unlocked Dustin as a playable character.
Coffee and Contemplation Fully upgraded Hopper.
Concerned Citizens Completed all quests.
Dark Riddles Completed Chapter 5.
Fire and Water Completed Chapter 4.
For Our Travels Fully upgraded Dustin.
Friends Don't Lie Unlocked Mike as a playable character.
Hunting Time Fully upgraded Nancy.
Monster Killer Fully upgraded Lucas.
My Crazy Friend Unlocked Eleven as a playable character.
Radio Voice Completed Chapter 3
Rerolled Fully upgraded Will.
Rolling a 7 Unlocked Will as a playable character.
Stranger Friends Fully upgraded all characters.
Study Time Unlocked Nancy as a playable character.
Super Powers Fully upgraded Eleven.
The Gate Completed Chapter 2.
The Hydra Completed Chapter 6.
The Lost Boys Completed Chapter 1.
Wrist Rocket Unlocked Lucas as a playable character.

Locations: fourty Heart pieces
Heart #1 In Lab (West of entrance. Need Nancy)
Heart #2 Collect all Lab Dungeon collectibles
Heart #3 West of Hopper's Cabin
Heart #4 In Jungle West of Sewers past the Bear
Heart #5 In jungle West of Castle Byers
Heart #6 Return Handcuffs to Powell
Heart #7 In Corn Field
Heart #8 Return Textbook to Mr. Clark
Heart #9 Take Ramp North of Hawk Theater
Heart #10 Bunker Dungeon (Pipe maze in this order: pipe #2-#3-go left-#1
Heart #11 Climb Stairs in Room conataining VHS #4
Heart #12 Collect all Sewers Dungeon collectibles
Heart #13 In Forest Dungeon (West through pipes)
Heart #14 Collect all School Dungeon collectibles
Heart #15 Collect all Forest Dungeon collectibles
Heart #16 Collect all Library Dungeon collectibles and deposit in the chest in the first room
Heart #17 Collect all Bunker Dungeon collectibles
Heart #18 Return Robot Toy to Bradley's Clerk
Heart #19 Northeast Quarry (Take the rightmost Cave)
Heart #20 Return Pocket Knife to Tommy H.
Heart #21 Return Bottle of Pop to Tommy H.
Heart #22 Return Hairspray to Carol
Heart #23 Return Lipstick to Carol
Heart #24 Return keys to Joyce
Heart #25 Return Phone to Joyce
Heart #26 Return Lens to Jonathan
Heart #27 Return Game Cartridge to Bradley's Clerk
Heart #28 Return Milk to Mrs. Wheeler
Heart #29 Return Pumpkin to Mrs. Wheeler
Heart #30 Return Novel to Flo
Heart #31 Return Rubber Skeleton to Flo
Heart #32 Return Police Badge to Callahan
Heart #33 Return Ledger to Melvald
Heart #34 Talk to Jennifer as Will (Southeast of Graveyard)
Heart #35 Northwest of Hopper's Cabin (Take Ramp from East of Lake)
Heart #36 Return Salt to Hunting Clerk
Heart #37 In Sewers near Jennifer
Heart #38 Garbage Dump (Go Southeast and take ramp to Island)
Heart #39 In House North of Florist
Heart #40 Return Tickets to Steve

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Updated: 2020.09.01

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