Rest In Pieces - Android

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Rest In Pieces - Android
Name of the file: Rest In Pieces - Android - Author: ANO - [ANDROID]

Collecting gems
Those little glossy brilliant orbs drifting around are gems. Every one you get deserves ten and they are important. Eighty gems permits you to advance the area, and continuing is in fact very rewarding in this game given that it uses an old version of the lives system. A few of them will be fairly easy to get, however some are positioned in precarious places, so make sure when trying to opt for them. Keep in mind-- if it is going to cost you your run, it is not worth it!

Easy extra fifty free gems
You can earn fifty free gems by merely viewing a couple of brief ads if you venture into the store. We advise doing this whenever you have some spare time, because quickly adequate you will become required to watch ads anyways whenever you lack lives. This will help continuing be a little much easier on your wallet, as you can do it an endless amount of times.

New set of souls
In order to unlock the next set of souls, you will require to pass a specific amount of eye barriers prior to you can do so. This does not always indicate you have to complete the run. Even if the soul is not free however you have enough eyes, the next set will unlock. You still have to pay the preliminary gem cost to play as the new soul.

Playthrough Strategy Tip
In addition to using light taps to steer your weight around, another key element to swinging is to constantly keep in mind to swing in the direction you are naturally relocating. Among the bad routines we established was just attempting to move far from obstacles without excessive momentum. While this works often, it will not work throughout the more difficult levels, so you will require to change your motions. It is time to start building up swinging momentum when you see broad obstacles coming up. You should have the ability to weave in and out of threat by utilizing great swinging momentum. If you wish to evade around a rock or something, you wish to currently be relocating that direction-- you do not just wish to hold and tap because direction and wish for the very best.

Precise control and soft swings
The key to getting away the headaches in Rest in Pieces is using light, exact control. You never ever wish to hold down for too long, as this will develop your swing power to unmanageable levels. The majority of the time, soft swings suffice to get you by many obstacles. You wish to attempt to keep your swinger near the center of the screen in case you require to make any emergency situation maneuvers.

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Updated: 2020.09.01

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