Sudoku by Nikoli - 3DS

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Sudoku by Nikoli - 3DS
Name of the file: Sudoku by Nikoli - 3DS - Author: ANO - [3DS]

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At the beginning you only have 10 Sudokus but you can unlock more Sudokus until 50 completing the different sudokus.

Sudokus How to unlock
Sudokus 11 to 20 Solve 5 of 10 sudokus.
Sudokus 21 to 30 Solve 10 of 20 sudokus.
Sudokus 31 to 40 Solve 15 of 30 sudokus.
Sudokus 41 to 50 Solve 20 of 40 sudokus.

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Updated: 2014.05.18

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